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01 July 2006 @ 03:06 pm

Chapter: Enough is enough is enough!
by: ellymelly
Rated: MA (not this chapter though)
Summary: It's war - Bill and Laura style.

need to catch up? view the rest of the story here: http://mujaji.net/adamaroslin/viewstory.php?sid=347&textsize=0&chapter=1


Bill swung around to the unmistakable sound of Billy's footsteps on approach.

Uh oh... he was still standing in front of the cupboard, which was a dead give away so turned enough to give the glass a mighty nudge - it clicked tentively into position as the curtains parted.

The Admiral's first thought was to clutch his hands in front of him (for obvious reasons) but then remembered the incriminating scraps of paper he was holding. In the end he resorted to compramise by shuffling behind Laura's desk. It wasn't a great look, but in this case there were degrees of greatness.

"Billy." he said, trying to sound cheerful and superior.

"Morning Admiral."

Frak his smugness. "Afternoon Billy." It didn't slip the Admiral's attention that Billy was carting a washing basket about and, I'll be damned a glimmer of red escaped its depths as Billy shifted the pile. Another thing that the Admiral found distracting was the President's underwear thrown into the mix - their underwear - you know - together...

For FRAK'S sake Bill! he reprimanded himself.

"Whatever." Billy didn't seem the least bit interested in him. "The President asked me to give you these," said Billy, throwing a pile of clothes at him - which he didn't catch.

They both inspected the now strewn pile of clothes across the President's desk. And they both went silent for a few moments until the Admiral - kind of anxious for Billy to bugger off, broke the silence.

"Was there something else?"

"Ah - " continued Billy, inwardly greatly amused by the goings on, "yes - actually, the President says you're wanted on the bridge."

"The bridge?"


Billy left without further conversation and Adama inspected the pile, "In these clothes?"

The cabinet behind him clicked and opened with a drawn out squeak.


Bill tried to enter the bridge as discreetly as possible - making his way over to Tigh at one corner of the room. Somewhere off to his left he could have sworn he detected a muffled snigger - but turning around he found nothing more interesting then bored faces concentrating on their screens.

Tigh raised his eyebrow as Bill came to a standstill beside him. "You're out of uniform." he said gruffly, in his annoyingly all-knowing manner. Sometimes the Admiral hated that Tigh knew him so gods damn well.

"Stop speaking." he replied shortly.

"Yes sir - and Bill." continued Tigh, not even lifting his gaze from the report in front of him.


"I can't believe you berated me about Ellen."

Bill narrowed his eyes. "What did I just say about speaking?"

"That I'm not supposed to?"

"Good." Satisfied, Bill glanced around the room attempting to gauge the seriousness of this supposed emergency. It seemed remarkably absent from the scene.


"What now?"

"You are aware of what your shirt says - yes?"


"Okay, okay..."

A few moments of silence passed between them - Tigh, ticking off things on some kind of list and the Admiral staring at him as if he were waiting for something.

"Well, aren't you going to tell me about this imminent disaster?"

"You said no speaking..."

"You can speak about the bridge - if it wanders beyond that I'll throw you in the brig along with that SMUG faced FRAKKING subordinate of hers."

Tigh wisely chose not to comment on the rant. Clearly, Bill had issues today. "Ah, what exactly is it you want me to say?"

"Well, how about we start with why I got dragged down here for some kind of urgent business."

"Uh, well - " Tigh thought carefully about the so far boring day, "we found an asteroid I guess... I mean, it's not very interesting..."

"We find asteroids all the time what's so special about this one?"

"Ah, nothing..."

"So why am I here?"

"No idea."

Bill grabbed the clipboard from Tigh and threw it across the desk yelling, "THAT - "

When Bill was good and finished, Tigh smiled at his poor friend, "Sir?"


"Are you going to pick that up?"

"Oh," Bill saw the scattered contents of Tigh's folder, "ah, yes. Sorry about that."


First of all, I'm going to declare martial law - then continued Bill eagerly to himself as he paced the corridors of Galactica, oh yes, THEN I'm going to pick out a nice small and cramped and cold cell - we're she's going to live out the rest of her now long life. He nodded eagerly, Oh, and I'm going to feed her Licorice, every day, until she gives my stuff back.

Bill reached his quarters, rightly pissed after walking through his ship with the words, "JUST BEEN FRAKKED" written in large letters across his back.

With a massive push, Adama threw open the door to his quarters - to find the President napping peacefully on his sofa.

"What the...?"

It was incredibly odd. She was just resting there, shoe-less and comfy with one of his silken pillows clutched tight.

Adama's eyebrows when in opposite directions as he tried to be mad and amused at the same time - she was, after all, quite cute when she wasn't plotting his torture.

Look at the shirt you're wearing - now's the perfect opportunity to end it. No one would know it was you - I mean, they might notice the fact that the president went missing... but still.

It wasn't exactly the perfect murder he had imagined... Besides, now that the Admiral thought about it, he'd been watching her sleep for some time.

What are you doing man, pull yourself together.

Bill cleared his throat.

Not much happened.

"Madame President?"

Still nothing. Bill moved a little closer, "Ms. Roslin?"

Frak this woman could sleep.

"LAURA! What are you doing on my couch!"

He blinked, she didn't move. Bill couldn't believe it.

Against his better judgment, he knelt down next to her and tried again, in vain to wake her. It didn't work.

She was alive, he knew that much - she was breathing gently. So, short of shaking her or pouring water on her, (which wasn't an option he'd ruled out) how was he going to wake her?

Bill laughed inwardly, you could always kiss her.

"Which would be a very bad idea." he said out loud.

A very bad idea. He repeated, even as he leant down to place his lips gently on hers. He couldn't help it – there was something about her that pulled him down to her.

Laura stirred, eyes opening to see the Admiral - her lips lightly returning his kiss.

Bill pulled away slowly, defiantly in shock.

Great plan there Bill, now what? But Bill couldn't hear his subconscious at the moment.

Laura smiled, "That was nice."

"Uh," he stammered, "Why are you here? I mean," he said, regaining his composure, "how did you get in!"

The Admiral made a mental note to yell at the officers outside his door for letting the President in a second time.

"I brought you fish." she said brightly, pointing at a fish tank now installed on his wall, brimming with brightly coloured fish. Their neon exteriors flashing as they dodged and weaved.

"You brought me fish?" he said in confusion - starring at his new possession.

"It was either that or a dog."

No one brought alcohol anymore? "Uh, thank you - I think."

"I'm still here because I wanted to tell you that you need to feed them once a day with this yellow bottle," she handed him a small container with a bright yellow label, "and once a month with this one," and a second - this time a navy bottle appeared, "Dynamic Fish Feeder - Essential Nutrients for Aged Fish".

Bill narrowed his eyes at the bottle, sure that this was no longer about fish.

"Anyway," she continued, finding her shoes, "I must be off."

"Right." replied Bill, still holding the containers.

"See you this evening."

And then she was gone. Bill frowned at the fish food and put it on the table. Myriads of thoughts were colliding in his mind to the tone of, I can't believe she broke in again, I kissed her - shit, why have I been given fish food?

Bill sighed and shook his head.

Slowly, he got up and went over to the fish tank sitting beside his desk - it was one of those special military tanks, designed to deal with being shaken around. He watched the fish for a while.

They had sharp teeth - and now, on a closer pass - they looked a little scary.


Bill left the creepy, evil fish to go to his draw and retrieve his diary - but GODS BE DAMNED, it was gone.

Bill looked at the fish.

"You're damn lucky you're too small to eat."

The fish swum about absently -

the Admiral's brain filled with thoughts of a revenge strike to be executed - except, every now and then these thoughts collided with one lonely memory of his lips on hers.

Bill shook his head firmly.

Time for revenge.


37_beachnutz on July 1st, 2006 12:13 pm (UTC)
*squee giggle* I absolutely love it. This one was so cute.
eeeeeeekkks! I can't wait for more.