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06 November 2007 @ 11:29 pm

A complex immensity stretches itself into nowhere with frightening beauty.
Scattered between the violent swirling of dust and fire are fragile outposts of quiet.
Life, dormant in space, thrives in the sudden calm.
From the most basic of beginnings, a single cell seizes the opportunity to divide.
With the grace of splitting atoms, a new breed blooms in a hostile world.
It is a community of molecules existing one breath at a time.
Against all uncertainty they live.
Their newly formed eyes lift into the darkness and seek out a point of light.
A sea of stars shimmer back, a billion billion eyes blink.
Though they may never meet, they see each other and smile.
The universe shifts, and the worlds go quiet.
Ambivalent, the suns go out.
Dust becomes ice. Life becomes dust.
Complexity gives way to chaos until there is nothing more certain than the endless night.
In the quiet nothingness, energy seethes.
It churns upon itself, kept company by time.
Then, quite by chance, something moves.
A flicker of light. A division of cells.