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30 April 2007 @ 07:10 pm
screwy interenet and new fic!  
After trying a ridiculous amount of time to upload my new adama/roslin wallpapers, i've given in. My internet connection has drawn a line and said NO. lol. Stupid internet. *mourns*

Instead, I bring you fic.

Title: Theft, Licorice and a Proposition
By: ellymelly
Pairing/s: William Adama/Laura Roslin with references and incidents involving Laura/Baltar, Six/Baltar, Laura/Zarek and Laura/Cottle - if you squint.
Spoilers: Set after Sacrifice and before Lay Down Your Burdens.
Rated: M - for mischievous things. S - for sillyness and O  - Completely out of character!
Summary: Unfair incarceration, theft of Galactican property and a lover's row. Throw in Baltar, Zarek, one persistent hallucination and a doctor sharp as knives and see how far you get.

Chapter 1/11: In Search of Licorice

“Are you sure Doc?” William Adama, Admiral of the last rag-tag humans, studied the slightly more senior man as the needle approached.

It seemed to Bill that every time he was forcibly dragged in for a check up he was given the third degree. He found himself relentlessly interrogated while sharp things were stuck into him and important bodily stuff was drawn out. Major Doc Cottle broke the skin on Bill's arm causing a slight whimper to escape the pin cushion.

"Very sure." Cottle repeated firmly.

“Well then,” Bill resigned himself, trying not to watch his blood fill the syringe, “if you’re certain.” Not that he had the faintest idea of how to obtain Licorice. He posed this problem to the Major who merely shrugged unhelpfully.  “Does it have to be Licorice – I mean, specifically?”

Cottle nodded, “Oh yes sir, I have it on good authority that it’s her favourite.”

Of course it was... The hardest thing in the universe to get a hold of HAD to be her favourite.

“Not that it’s any of my business,” he continued, withdrawing the needle, “but you’re apologizing for something, aren’t you?”

"What, no bandaid?" Muttered Bill unhappily as the newly formed hole in his arm leaked. "And the particulars of my business do not concern you.”

"I'm just looking out for your body. A great deal of my expensive time as been devoted to its continued survival. My interest in your 'business' is purely medical. If you want my advice though, " Adama had the distinct feeling that he wasn't going to be offered a choice, "she's frakked off, is, I suppose, the best way to put it." Cottle roamed over to his portable medical cabinet and dug around the objects in his tray. "I'm not sure that even Licorice will save you on this. Perhaps you should consider letting her out of there - eventually."

"When she's fit and ready Doc. Maybe I'll consider it."

Cottle withdrew a small bundle of cotton wool and headed back to where the Admiral was moping like a three year old. "Your body." He said simply, taping the cotton wool to Adama's arm.

"That actually hurts."

"Good. Consider it a warm up."

*  *   *

Major Doc Cottle entered the brig carrying his trusty bag. Almost immediately, Laura Roslin advanced toward the bars of her prison cell and started pulling against the bars.

"You've got to get me out of here Doc, this is ridiculous!" She pleaded.

The doctor smiled calmly, "Morning Madame President."

"Have you come to break me out?"

Cottle set his bag down on the floor beside her cell while Laura gripped the bars. "Negative." He unzipped his bag, "You're overdue for a check up and since you've been giving me the run around on Colonial One, I thought I might take this opportunity seeing as how you're incarcerated and all."

"Frak it!" She declared, backing away from the doctor and his bag of tricks. "If you can't bring me good news or a key then you're not sticking anything in me."

There was a faint snoring off to the side. It was a dull rumble interspersed with deep, long breaths. Her inmate was pretending to sleep.

"I'm prepared to exchange gossip for blood."

Laura eyed him warily, considering his offer, "What sort of gossip?"

"Gossip you'd be interested in."

The snoring next door subsided slightly.

Laura stepped a little closer to the bars, almost within reach. "Concerning whom?"

"Punishment." Cottle reeled Laura in, like a worm to a fish and he was the fisherman. He could see her, wiggling on his line. Politicians were so easily led around.

"Intriguing, but what I asked was whom."

She was almost at the bars and Cottle had his trusty needle ready. "A certain Admiral."

"Ow..." The doctor had Laura by the hand and was withdrawing blood against her will. "This gossip," she continued, now in pain, "it better be good."

Cottle removed the needle and released her. "Oh it is." He smiled, packing up his equipment, "but you'll just have to trust me on that."

To Laura's horror, he turned and walked off without saying another word. "GRAH!" She yelled, hitting the bars a little harder than she would have liked. "For frak's sake, stop it already." Sneered Laura when Baltar's fake snore rose into the annoying decibels. Why, of all the people left of humanity to choose from, did she have to be stuck with him and his estranged mind?

Cottle meanwhile, was satisfied. He had successfully given his two most notoriously difficult patients check ups. Adding to that, he was about to teach them both a lesson to make up for the year and a half of medicals they missed...

pathosicalpathosical on April 30th, 2007 05:44 pm (UTC)
Hehe, evil Cottle. More please?
Anything Can Be: ComeAndGetMeanything_can_be on May 1st, 2007 10:31 pm (UTC)
waits anxiously patiently for more *checks watch discreetly* This was great! I can't wait to see where you take it!