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05 June 2006 @ 11:55 pm
Be Prepared part 6  
Title: Be Prepared
By: ellymelly
Stargate/Atlantis crossover
Genre: Comedy/Action
Summary: What happens when you give a human a time machine? ah, 'bad things' if you're mckay... lmao!


•   Dr. Rodney Mckay
•   Major John Sheppard
•   Dr. Zelenka
•   Lieutenant Ford
•   Teyla
•   Dr. Daniel Jackson
•   Colonel Samantha Carter
•   Ancient sound system

[ marooned in darkness… and what was that noise? Will the team survive another round of beatings – can their luck really be that bad?? It’s more than likely… ]


-   The team strained their eyes and ears into the dark. Nothing… Sheppard, the always positive member of the group felt sure they were just overreacting.

JOHN: “I’m sure it was nothing.”

-   This comment, under normalish circumstances would have been sufficient to lull the team into a sense of false safety - had it not been of course, for the return of the sc**ping noise.

CARTER: “There it is again.”
BECKETT: “Tha’ was definitely no’ nothing.”  Sad
TEYLA: “I conquer.”
DANIEL: “Interesting.”

-   Not that Daniel finding this situation interesting surprised anyone, least of all Carter who shot him a look in the dark. She wasn’t the only one shooting blind looks though – Major Sheppard felt sure that the eyes of the group had come to settle upon him as the scraping noise continued to worsen. It was beyond him as to why they had singled him out. He was, however, mildly concerned as to what he’d been singled out for.

JOHN: “What? Why are you all looking at me like that?”   Huh
MCKAY: “Well, you are the commanding officer.”
JOHN: (not liking where this was going) “Actually, Colonel Carter here is technically…”
CARTER: “And as commanding officer I’m ordering – I mean, asking if you would, you know. (she hinted to the darkness ahead.)

-   Major Sheppard looked at the dark corridor which was producing more and more menacing scratching noises by the second. John needed a ‘scape goat and fast. It wasn’t long before he had just the right carbon unit picked out...

JOHN: (innocently) “What’s wrong with Ford?”  *raises eyebrow suggestively*
MCKAY: “Many things…”

-   Okay, so brilliant plan not so brilliant.

JOHN: “Dr. Jackson?”
DANIEL: “Hey!”   Angry
CARTER: “He’s a scientist…”
JOHN: “Oh.”

-   Sheppard started to run through the members on his team.

JOHN: “What about –”

-   Now he thought about it, they were all scientists, nothing he could do about that. There was Teyla – but he’d rather not have his butt kicked later so – so it was time for a new tactic. A more, group like modern approach. Carter, of course, beat him to it.

CARTER: “How about we all go.”
EVERYONE ELSE: (general noises of approval)
ZELENKA: "It appears we have somewhat of a disagreement."
MCKAY: “You know, it’s times like these you need leadership.”
JOHN: “We have leadership; it’s called a chain of command.”
CARTER: “And I’m the chain.”  Grin
JOHN: (after some careful thought) “Okay, how’s this: You, you, you and you come with me. You and you, stay here.”
FORD: “What about me sir?”
JOHN: “You’re first.”
FORD: "Yes sir."
MCKAY: “Okay, you go down the dark hallway alone and I’ll - wait here – alone.”
BECKETT: “You’re hardly alone Rodney.”
MCKAY: (observing Beckett’s distinct lack of military prowess) “You know what I mean.”

-   The group headed off leaving Mckay and Beckett alone in the dark room which was only a hair better than being in the dark and scary corridor. Major Sheppard shouted something over his shoulder before disappearing completely.

JOHN: “And don’t touch anything!” (under his breath) “God, it’s like having two little kids around, you scientists always have to touch stuff…”
MCKAY: “For the record, last time it was Ford, besides, I think we’ve all satisfied our curiosity for little glowing red buttons.”
BECKETT: “Actually, I think it might have been Zelenka.”
MCKAY: “Ah, details…”


-   Ten or so minutes later Mckay’s radio startled Carson.

JOHN: (radio) “Rodney, Carson.”
MCKAY: (with a disdainful glance at Beckett) “Yes Major.”   Angry
JOHN: (radio) “Yeah, we found out what that noise was.”
MCKAY: “And, so…”
JOHN: (radio) “It was one of those little creature things from the ship. Nothing to be worried about. But there’s something else you guys need to see.”
MCKAY: “Ok, we’re on our way.”


-   Dr.’s Beckett and Mckay entered the room at the end of the corridor lit by a soft red glow coming from the device in the centre of the room. Everyone else was standing around it clearly waiting for their arrival.

MCKAY: “Well, well, what have we here?”
JOHN: “We’re not sure, but we think it needs fixing. Do you think you could fix it?”

-   Mckay cautiously let his eyes wander in Carter’s general direction – she merely shrugged at him.

MCKAY: “Can’t hurt to try.”
BECKETT: “That’s what they all say.”

-   A full hour later and the rest of the team was starting to have doubts in Mckay’s abilities. The machine was glowing – yes, but Rodney hadn’t said anything yet and so they all just continued to sit around the eerily red room. Daniel was in a corner pestering Sheppard on the history of – well, pretty much everything. Sheppard was growing desperate for a change in topic.

JOHN: “You know, that thing Mckay’s playing with started glowing really brightly about ten minutes ago, do you think he’s holding out on us?”
DANIEL: (faltering slightly as the topic abruptly changed) “Ah, why would he do that?”
JOHN: “I don’t know, to make sure it was going to keep working?”
DANIEL: “That would be embarrassing wouldn’t it?”  Grin

-   Over by the device Zelenka was fiddling with the control panel – Mckay, who was watching on, took out one of the numerous energy bars embedded in his vest. He tore it open and started to munch happily. Ford watched.

FORD: “I’m serious dude, you gotta stop eating chocolate.”  Undecided
MCKAY: “Eat well, keep fit, die anyway…”   Grin

JOHN: “Yeah, ‘Nothing can interrupt the power source now!’”

-   The device wailed unhappily and shut down. Zelenka jumped a few steps back in shock.  Shocked

MCKAY: “Not my first choice.”   Huh
ZELENKA: “Oops…”  Sad
BECKETT: (convinced it was somehow his fault) “Sorry…”  Embarrassed
MCKAY: (brightly) “Never mind.” – he hits another switch nearby and it goes back on. He surveyed its steady glow for a few minutes before continuing. Zelenka kept his distance. “Good, good; it’s ready now. Any takers?”

-   Everyone migrated in the general direction of the device.

ZELENKA: “Does anyone know how this should work?”
DANIEL: (stepping forward) “Well, this looks familiar.”
CARTER: “How so?”
DANIEL: “If it’s anything like that device on Ernest’s planet – which I think we can assume it is, then all we have to do is touch this glowing bit.”
MCKAY: “I have reservations about this.”  Sad
JOHN: “I agree. Ford?”
FORD: “Yes sir.”
JOHN: “I have a job for you.”
FORD: “Yes sir.”
JOHN: “Place your hand here.”
FORD: “Sure sir. Glad to be of – ”


MCKAY: (after a slight pause) “Ah, just as I suspected.”
DANIEL: “Where’d he go?”
MCKAY: “The device is a primitive transporter.”
JOHN: “Pretty neat.”
CARTER: “I ask again, where’d he go?”
MCKAY: “I have no idea.”
DANIEL “Not to be the, ah - ah moral conscience, but shouldn’t someone, I don’t know, try to find him?”

-   The team exchange some hesitant looks.

JOHN: “I suppose… Alright Rodney, your turn.”
MCKAY: “What?”
JOHN: “Come on, hand in the centre now.”
MCKAY: “You must be kidding…”
JOHN: “Mckay!”   Angry
MCKAY: “You put your hand in the centre!”   Angry
CARTER: “How about we all go together.”
JOHN: “Fine.”
ZELENKA: “On three.”
JOHN: “One.”
BECKETT: “I don’ like this.”  Undecided
JOHN: “Two.”
MCKAY: “Oh shut up.”   Angry
JOHN: “Three.”

hypercazhypercaz on June 5th, 2006 07:09 pm (UTC)

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