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05 June 2006 @ 11:48 pm
Be Prepared part 2  
Title: Be Prepared
By: ellymelly
Stargate/Atlantis crossover
Genre: Comedy/Action
Summary: What happens when you give a human a time machine? ah, 'bad things' if you're mckay... lmao!


•   Dr. Elizabeth Weir
•   Dr. Rodney Mckay
•   Major John Sheppard
•   Dr. Zelenka
•   Lieutenant Ford
•   Teyla
•   Dr. Daniel Jackson
•   Colonel Samantha Carter
•   Thor
•   Oh dozens more…

Pairings: Depends on your perspective…

[ Sequel to ‘So Oops’. Atlantis gets some visitors but regrettably no coffee. ]

-   Rodney entered the gate room at a light jog just in time to see the gate shut down and some suspiciously earth like figures lingering by the event horizon. It looked like they had ransacked Area 7 not to mention the corner store.

RODNEY: “Are they?”
ELIZABETH: “I’m as surprised as you.”
RADIO VOICE: “Dr. Weir.”

-   Elizabeth picked up her radio and sent a glance around the area below looking for the location of the caller. She soon found the friendly hand of Dr. Jackson waving back up.

ELIZABETH: “Good to see you Dr. Jackson.”
DANIEL: “General O’Neil sends his regards – and wow. This is quite something.”
ELIZABETH: “So I’ve been told. Come on up.”

-   Mckay – distracted as usual, had his nose as far as it would go over the balcony.

RODNEY: “You don’t suppose they brought coffee do you?”

-   Elizabeth couldn’t believe that Mckay was more interested in coffee than the unexpected arrival of fellow earthlings but indulged him all the same.

ELIZABETH: “If Dr. Jackson’s here then I believe it’s a safe bet.”

-   Daniel came up the stairs in leaps and bounds heading straight towards them with only the occasional quick distracted look. Quite an accomplishment for someone who was about to have their head explode.

DANIEL: (extending his hand.) “Dr. Weir.”
ELIZABETH: (shaking it firmly) “Dr. Jackson, what brings you to this corner of the universe?”
DANIEL: “Jack didn’t tell you?”   Huh
ELIZABETH: “He was brief.”
DANIEL: (far from surprised) Ah. And who’s this?
RODNEY: “Dr. Mckay, Dr. Rodney Mckay.”
DANIEL: “You were in Antarctica?”
RODNEY: “Briefly.”
DANIEL: “You try to kill Jack?”
RODNEY: “No, that was Dr. Beckett.”
ELIZABETH: “I think a briefing is in order gentlemen.”
DANIEL: “You have no idea.”


-   As Elizabeth, Rodney and Daniel approached the briefing room its walls slid open at multiple sections like a giant slat window. Daniel took a hesitant step backwards and reassessed the situation before him. The looks that Dr. Weir and Mckay gave him convinced him that it was safe and they continued.
-   There were already a significant number of people in the briefing room; among them were Dr.’s Zelenka and Beckett. Ford and Sheppard were at one end debating something about Teyla who was two seats away rolling her eyes at them. Colonel Samantha Carter was playing with her laptop – Rodney instantly straightened at the sight of her, his mouth falling open.  Shocked Next to her was an earth Major who looked remotely like Dr. Who and beside him a spare seat.

ELIZABETH: (whispering.) “Rodney, you’re mouth’s open.”

-   Rodney snapped out of it just before Carter noticed their presence in the room. She smiled at him – he nearly died on the spot.
-   Daniel went into the general noise of the briefing room to greet those people he didn’t know whilst Carter rose from her seat and moved toward Weir and Mckay.

CARTER: “Dr.’s Weir, Mckay.” (shaking their hands in turn.)

-   Mckay is still in shock.
-   Ford and Sheppard are in their little corner staring shamelessly at the blonde Colonel.

FORD: “Who’s that with Mckay?”
JOHN: “I presume it’s that one we’ve all heard so much about, what was her name?”
FORD: “For once Mckay was right.”
JOHN: “I’m inclined to agree.”

-   Daniel was over meeting new friends.

DANIEL: “Dr. Beckett I presume. I met you briefly in Antarctica.”
BECKETT: “It was ‘n accident…”

-   The crowd mingled for a few minutes before getting settled. There was still that spare seat next to the Major who turned out to be Joshua Summerville.

ELIZABETH: “So, let’s start at the beginning shall we?”
DANIEL: “Hold on, we’re missing one.”
ELIZABETH: “Dr. Jackson?”
DANIEL: “Just give him a second.”

-   The room went silent. Mckay looked down at his watch then back at the seat expectantly. Daniel did his best to hold the attention of the room. A few odd looks later the chair vanished in light and was replaced with a far superior version with a Roswell grey alien perched on top. The Atlantis personnel gasped.

THOR: “Greetings, I am Thor; Supreme Commander of the Asguard Fleet.”

-   Most of the room was in far too much shock to reply.

DANIEL: “He’s with me.”


JOHN: “So basically, what you’re saying is that there’s a huge honkin’ Atlantian warship just sitting out there ready for the taking.”
DANIEL: “You could put it that way.”
CARTER: “It’s not quite that simple as Dr. Jackson is well aware.”

-   Carter made sure that Daniel got that last little bit before continuing.

CARTER: “We believe that this ship is out there and, as Dr. Jackson has said, we have a fair idea as to where it is but, and I stress but – we have no idea what condition it is in or its exact location in space. This would make it impossibly hard to find with a puddle jumper.”
RODNEY: “I’m taking a wild guess, but does that explain our Asguard friend?”

-   Thor, positive that the earthlings tone was a cultural difference rather than an insult continued.

THOR: “You are correct Dr. Mckay.”

-   Mckay, still not used to the alien presence, seemed a little taken aback.

THOR: “I have brought my ship in the hope that we can locate this vessel and bring it back to Atlantis. My ship is also equipped to repair most damage, enough at least, to make it flight worthy. Dr. Jackson is here to help translate and Colonel Carter to interface some of the new Earth/Asguard Technologies.

-   Carter and Daniel beamed at Thor whilst Mckay looked more than a little hurt. Once again it seemed like Carter was his replacement. Carter smiled at Mckay. On the bright side they would be spending a lot more time together and so the past insult was forgot.  Grin


-   Four hours into the briefing and the initial energy had worn off. Daniel, convinced he was suffering from gatelag, shot discrete glances around in search of the coffee pot.  Sad He didn’t have to wait long as one of the staff entered with a tray of mugs and pot of what he prayed was coffee. The tray was set down directly in front of him, presumably by design. He waited a diplomatic few lines before helping himself.
-   Mckay watched this action intently – he himself was refraining for the obvious reasons.
-   Daniel went to take a sip but hesitated with the mug inches from his face. He sniffed it but wrinkled his nose at the unpleasant smell setting the suspicious liquid back on the desk.
-   Mckay – satisfied, returned his attention back to the conversation.
-   Carter noticed that Daniel hadn’t bothered about the coaster and slid one in under his ‘coffee’ before giving him a cautionary glance.

ELIZABETH: “So are we all in agreement then? The mission is to take place in six hours.”
THOR: “That is most satisfactory Dr. Weir. I shall contact you in five and a half hours.”
DANIEL: “Bye.”

-   Rodney secretly wondered why Thor sounded suspiciously like Dr. Jackson.   Huh

JOHN: “There’s got to be a catch.”
ELIZABETH: “What do you mean John?”
JOHN: “Well, there’s never just a huge piece of highly advanced technology just waiting to be taken with no opposition.”

-   Mckay looked at Sheppard and then motioned to the space around him. Weir smirked.

JOHN: “Okay, there’s usually a catch.”

(Anonymous) on June 5th, 2006 06:10 pm (UTC)
"- Rodney secretly wondered why Thor sounded suspiciously like Dr. Jackson."

*giggle* The universal truth...! =D Amusing.