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31 December 2006 @ 02:28 pm
Doctor Who Fic (Post Doomsday)  
Title: Doctor What?
By: ellymelly
Spoilers: Up to and including Doomsday
Pairing: Doctor/Rose
Word count: 1 876
Summary: An alternet ending to Doomsday - (ie. let's pretend the runnaway bride doesn't exist lol) You know, one of those endings where Rose and the Doctor will eventually get back together and we can resume loud squeeing.
Chapter One: Wanderer

"Quite alright too." The beach was cold. The Doctor couldn't technically feel it but he knew must be. Norway was like that, cold one minute, cold the next. This is what it came down to then. All those words scattered about, trailing him through time and space. Letters for stalkers, that's what he had. All the weird things in the universe and he always managed to run into them. What would it be next week? Numbers with feelings? He hoped it wasn't numbers with feelings. He'd never been very good at numbers, not his talent. Survival was more his field. It's what got him here, the knack for finding trouble and getting out of it. Except this time, the universe was forcefully removing him and no matter how deep The Doctor dug his heels in or how impressive the supernova, nothing was going to be able to save him from being saved.

That was his curse - something he wanted to shake, outrun, but it is a clever little curse. It clung persistently to The Doctor and everything he touched. They were a package deal - The Doctor and the Monsters. He often wondered if he really was worth all the monsters. The person in front of him, he noted with a touch of hope, seemed to think so.

The Doctor's electronic image rippled slightly. He smiled sadly, the Timelord to his companion. "And I suppose," he continued, hoping what he was about to say wouldn't break some universal law he hadn't heard about and send them both spiraling back into the void hovering close by. Two universes collide and ripped apart because The Doctor wants to be human, "It's my last chance to say it." Time was short, and that was a new concept for a Timelord. This was one moment he could never replay. Once only - he wasn't sure how good he was at, 'once'.

Rose readied herself for it. She was human and humans had been doing this for thousands of generations. Last goodbyes in unfair circumstances. Two school friends who know that tomorrow they will be far away, an old couple by each other's bedsides and a Timelord, wavering before his human companion, driven apart by the impossible reality of separate universes with all of time and space watching on. The lonely Doctor says goodbye again. So many names which do not fade. These last few precious minutes will be as clear to him in a century as they are - here on this beach with sand beneath his feet that he cannot feel and air he's not breathing whipping around his face. A man who wanders alone again, as punishment intended. All these things he knows, but if he knows one more thing, with absolute and fantastically undeniable certainty, it's that today there is one thing he wants to do before then end, and it is something he has never done before.

Become human. Just for a moment. Nothing big, just a moment.

"Rose Tyler -" His breath leaves his mouth and he begins to slip. The rest he said to no one.

It was cold again. A gentle green glow surrounded him and loneliness echoed off the hull of his ship. He didn't even get to say it to her. What an idiot he was to think the universe would conspire for him instead of against. Funny though, this feeling running through his circulatory system, beating through his two hearts. He'd found the common thread that linked these two, distant species. Humans and Timeslords. A sort of, enduring loss - an existence that can only be defined by having your heart(s) ripped out in order to have meaning. The Doctor smiled after all, he was human. At least for a moment.

Time to move, to continue - to return. Not that he actually believed he really could but maybe, if he was very lucky, he could fool himself into thinking that he could.

Back on the beach, the universe ripped the ghostly figure of her Doctor away. Maybe not physically, but Rose felt it all the same.

"Get this ship out of here or we're all going to end up like that sorry excuse for a breakfast you ate this - oh..." A woman appeared in the centre of the room, still yelling at something at a crowd who obviously weren't there anymore. By now, they weren't anywhere anymore, whoever they were. The woman shivered. She was standing somewhere green, cold and dampish with a bewildered, very usual looking individual staring at her.

"Who are you?" Asked The Doctor, forgetting about a couple of tears making their way down the side of his face.

The woman cautioned a few steps toward him wondering where the hell she was. "I'm the doctor," she said, adjusting to her new environment. "Who are you?"

"What?" he looked her vaguely Earth-like attire up and down, inspecting it for signs of doctory things. "I'm The Doctor."

"Doctor what?" she quipped. He was the most non-doctor looking person she had ever seen. All pinstripes and brown coat. God, she hoped this wasn't one of those hallucinations she'd read about, the last thing she needed was to be hallucinating nerdy little doctors with ruffleable hair and pinstripes in the middle of a crisis.

"You're supposed to say, 'Doctor who?" he corrected.

"Why?" Her hands fell to her hips, resting on the remnants of a uniform.

"Because," started The Doctor, completely stumped, "that's what you say. I say, 'I'm The Doctor' and you, curious species say, 'Doctor who?' "

The woman frowned impatiently, "Look," she said, "if you're not a real doctor - that's fine. Can we just get this introduction over with so I can determine whether or not your a hallucination?"

This human is totally off her Utopian Berry Pies. "Fine!" The Doctor threw his hands up in defeat. He didn't have time for irritating humans. The sooner he knew who she was and where she'd come from, the sooner he could send her back and he could return to his lonely, self pity driven existence.  "Who are you then?"

"The doctor." She repeated simply.

"Doctor who?"

"Not who - what. I'm the doctor of SpaceFleetThree and I need to get back to my ship. Except -"

The Doctor pulled his glasses out of his pocket and moved to inspect her more closely. "Back to your what?"

Good lord, he had glasses to match the pinstripes. "My ship," she said, "you know, for a doctor you repeat things an awful lot. You must be one of those quantum doctors - always getting caught in the uncertainty loop." The woman approached, "You're sort of shortish, too. Interesting. I wonder if that means anything, you know, if you're a hallucination."

"I'm not a figment of you damn imagination! Always something with the new ones. They're not very creative though, it's always, ghost, god, alien or dream. You'd think people could come up with new ways of explaining my existence. At least she didn't say I'm from Mars. I'm sick of being from Mars - there's nothing there anyway. Most dreary place I've ever been to. Honestly," he continued off in his little verbal explosion, "I don't know what the fascination is with Mars."

"Are you done?"

The Doctor wasn't listening, "Martians, as interesting as slugs in primordial soup. But you," he pointed at the intruder, "said you were from a ship. Now that's quite impossible because we're in orbit around a supernova and you can't possibly have a ship in orbit around a supernova. Unless, of course, you're as brilliant as me." He looked her up and down again, "Which you're not."

The woman wondered whether or not it was possible to be insulted by a funny a totally unhinged, smallish doctor. "It wasn't a supernova five minutes ago. In fact, the weather was rather pleasant out here in the middle of nowhere until 'poof'. We were checking out a distress beacon when a seemingly blissful star decided to blow its head."

The Doctor slipped off his glasses, "Uh oh."

"Uh oh? You would be indicating to me that you had, in some small or enormous way, something to do with a rogue supernova - would you?"

"No, no, no, no yes - well, maybe." There hadn't been any ships when he checked the star system. Unless - unless they'd been orbiting on the other side. Stupid, stupid Timelord. Reckless as usual. Reckless, stupid and not ginger.

"So was that a maybe then?" The woman folded her arms. She looked tired. The last few months had been rough to her and the crew. Being out of the chaos, even for a short while, was bringing it to the surface.

"Well, yes." Said the Doctor, "But I promise it's a really long story."

"You might as well tell it, strange little man, because I've got all this time and nowhere to go."

"Sure you do - back to your ship." The Doctor jumped back up to the consol, ready to work out how to reverse whatever it was that brought her into the TARDIS.

"Check your universe, my ship's long gone. Some stupid star exploded while our engines where down. The extrasolar drive stopped working."

"You mean to say," said The Doctor, "that your ship was destroyed?" What he really wanted to say was, 'by me?'

"That would be my guess."

More lives, what a waste. "I'm sorry." It was an honest apology. "This is a ship," he motioned to the room around him, "is there anywhere I can take you?"

She laughed, "Nowhere left to go. Last of a species and all."

Guilt racked The Doctor along with that annoying waft of empathy that seemed to stick close by since the war. Maybe he was turning into a woman. All this bursting into tears at the mention of extinction. Any reference to his home world did it to - and thinking about the past, or the future. Time in general really. He had a soft spot for kids, and he found that chocolate made the universe a better place. Gawd, he was turning into a woman., "You too? I'm sorry."

"You've said 'sorry' a lot. From what I can see, I'm still alive - unless this is some persistent dream, which you seem determined to deny."

"Yes but -" But you're the last one left. I destroyed your ship, your life.

"But nothing. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Everything dies Doctor. Our species met its end long before this star melted our ship. Perhaps it's kinder this way - to go out fast. You know, there's no point dragging your feet with it. Who wants to wander space, alone and tired. There any chance of beaming me back there Doc?"

"Beam you back?" he said, confused, "To space - no no chance of that. My ship doesn't do suicidal beaming services. Sorry, insurance doesn't cover it." She looked like a human, but if her world was gone then there's no way she could be. "You're not human?"

"Of course I'm not human. My name's Meiva'sal'are. Admittedly, most people called me Meiva - I suppose that's, 'called' now."

"Interesting name. Not Lirrien dialect is it?"


dominique012 on December 31st, 2006 07:04 am (UTC)
I like this, it's a terrific start. Loved the dialogue and the idea of him trying to be human for a moment. Looking forward to more!
dominique012 on December 31st, 2006 07:11 am (UTC)
Also, just to let you know I think the link to here from Time & Chips is broken, it's got an extra http\\. :)
ellymelly: it is only your soulellymelly on December 31st, 2006 08:32 am (UTC)
thank you! It's fixed :D
Teska Futureteskafuture on December 31st, 2006 10:46 am (UTC)
Very interesting start. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
Emilyemmy_bemmy on January 1st, 2007 12:40 pm (UTC)
Ooooh.... I'm liking this, and you've got my attention so... more soon?
The Lady Lucilla: DrWho police box --jades_iconstheladylucilla on January 2nd, 2007 03:55 pm (UTC)
Yay, Doctor Who fic!
It's off to an intriguing start. I'll be curious to see where this goes. *G*
shrinax on May 1st, 2007 08:18 am (UTC)
Reckless, stupid and not ginger.

Loved that part! Made me giggle
Like the story so far xxx