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26 February 2006 @ 01:27 pm
Wow - that difficult first entry :D  
Okay I guess I should say HI!

And welcome you all to my Livejournal account. Basically I have no idea how this works so instead of this being *my* livejournal so to speak I thought I might use it as a "News Bulletin" of sorts to where I'll do my best (with the help of you guys) to keep up with all the latest news on Adama/Roslin from BSG and Mcweir info. ie, links to good websites - the latest fanfiction - spoilers etc. So feel free to post really!

A bit about myself,

I'm a scifi fan and can recommend and be found at gateworld, sg1database, mcweir.com, survivalinstinct, trekdatabase and a host of othersites I'll list underneath in a moment.

I ask only that you guys put spoiler warnings in your posts but spoilers are to be expected on this site :D

okay, enough about me, onto the fandoms!