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24 January 2018 @ 10:42 pm
Star Trek Discovery  
Got to admit, loved the last couple of episodes in the Mirror Verse. I totally called the slightly dicey relationship (won't spoil) but not for one moment did I think they'd actually go there. Half way through season 1 I was disappointed - especially witht he groundhog day ep. I think that was probably the worst of the entire season but they really pulled themselves together when they twisted the Klingon plot into something actually worthwhile and then doubled down on that with a genuiniely interesting plot in the mirror verse that played off existing plots from the very beginning of the season. A++ for making a few worthy villains. You have to have something halfway decent to root for.

So, despite being a Stargater rather than a Trekker, I'm going to stick around for the rest of the season and see where this goes. It is defnitely nice to have a bit of space-time fun to go in with Lucifer (the other fun). Other than that I'm pretty much only watching Vera and Stranger Things  - oh and tennis. FEDAL is literally the only ship I invest in at the moment.

Feeling...: amusedamused