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22 November 2016 @ 01:04 am
Christmas Meme  
Stolen from tardis_mafia who had this up as an Autumn meme. Updated it to Summer!

🍂- Best part of Summer? Beach. Also the air just has this 'Christmas' smell about it when the wildflowers come out that means 'holiday'.

🎃- Favorite way to celebrate Christmas? Parties with friends with festive food and card games.

🍁- Top 3 signs Summer is starting? The Summer storms start rolling in - they linger, not quite breaking for a few weeks and then suddenly all hell breaks loose. Daylight-gods-damn-saving. Hate that shit so much. Doctor Who Christmas Special and the Top Gear [ Grand Tour ] Christmas Special.

👺- Ultimate Christmas costume? Reindeer ears.

👻- Best Christmas story/movie? Die Hard.

☕️- Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Wait. What?! You want me to choose? Hot Apple Cider.

🕸- Scariest Christmas memory? All the rest of them.

🌙- Where would you want to spend Christmas? At home with my parents on the farm.

🍎- Favorite Christmas food? Panatoni.

🌽- Ever been in carol group? I couldn't sing to save my life.

🏈- Favorite football team? Soccer no but I am culturaly bound to follow Carlton and Rabbitos.

📚- In school/college? Real world, alas.

👢- Favorite Summer accessory? Crazy, oversized hats!

🦃- Best food on Christmas? The full Christmas haul which starts with: prawns, lobster, oysters moving onto roast pork, chicken, duck, turkey and honey baked ham with all the trappings then Christmas triffle to finish.

🍏- Post a picture that perfectly describes Summer to you!

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