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10 December 2014 @ 01:31 am
Tea Party  
Hosted a small tea party for christmas on the weekend which, in true australian style, was hilarious.

The day started out at about 38*C which is BLOODY HOT. Went to the markets which took over most of Wahroonga and was AMAZING. Picked up the adorable little pair of grey reindeer in second photo to be friends with my gold ones. Then went to Hornsby to frantically shop for food/presents/organisational skills etc. While I was there it absolutely POURED and I mean tropical cyclone intense DEATH RAIN for about five minutes. (Just long enough to drown the markets, I presume). Anyway by the time I got out it was back to being irritatingly hot and BLUE SKY. Well, it was blue sky until I looked over my shoulder and saw a completely different type of blue. Reering up toward us was an icy blue sky that you should never see anywhere except an iceberg. If you live in australia you know that means some kind of apocalypse is on its way.

Anyway, I hurried home and set about cooking and cleaning, making general party preparations with chillout music blaring through my house. Then - THEN - the trees in the street suddenly bend to the left. This wind comes from absolutely nowhere quickly follwed by heavy rain. When I mean heavy rain - I mean rain where the drops are so big that it's like someone throwing water bombs at you instead of rain. A few seconds later it starts. The apocalypse. The hail gets heavy realy fast and starts stripping all the summer trees of their leaves so it's raining tree-bits. The ground starts going white and even though I'm standing inside under a balcony, I was still being hit by hail. Should also mention that a giant lightning struck also totally hit the top of our building.

I - shrugged and kept preparing for the party because this is Australia and hell like this generally only goes on for about 15 min.

15 min later it all stopped and suddenly - angelic blue sky as though nothing had happened.

By the time everyone got here there was no trace of said storm except for the carpet of carnage outside and bizzare flash flooding. We totally watched Die Hard (the first one!) which is totally the best Christmas movie. Remember the 90's when they used to play clips of it to get us to go shopping? RANDOM.

In a wave of nostalgia I have dug up the totallllllllly crack video I made of it 5 years ago. Enjoy!



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The Nikola Tesla Protégé: Teatardis_mafia on December 9th, 2014 04:59 pm (UTC)
That looks so beautiful and yummy - you did an amazing job! Damn... why can't you be here and throw these kinds of parties?!