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01 February 2014 @ 07:26 pm
Stargate re-watch - CHILDREN OF THE GODS  

Things I love:

  • giant lizard costumes - frak yes!

  • Old school credits - the poppy blue guy, you know what i mean.

  • Frosting on things that go through the gate - totally forgot about that!

  • Sam touching the event horizon of the stargate. It's not just an imaginary green screen projection, she makes it feel entirely real like, 'holy shit that is the event horizon of a wormhole'.

  • Daniel with enormous glasses!!!

Things I hate:

  • Jack's backstory - sooooo glad they dropped that fast. They inherited it from the film so I forgive them.

  • THAT speech by Sam, though perhaps I should move it into the 'lol' category.

Things I LOL at:

  • Apophis went backwards through an open wormhole.

  • omg australian mocking in the first ep!

  • Throwing a tissue box through the stargate.

  • The first thing Teal'c notices is a wrist watch.


  • "Let me be the cynic around here." - Jack

  • "You can actually see the fluctuations in the event horizon." - Sam, before Jack shoves her through the gate.

  • "It took us fifteen years to mcguyver a system..." - Sam

  • "The suns are comin' up." - Kawaloski

  • "Many have said that but you are the first that I believed could do it." - Teal'c

  • "I have nowhere to go." "For this, you can stay at my place." - Teal'c and Jack

  • "I am a Jaffa - bred to serve so they may live." - Teal'c


  • Keyboard with stargate symbols. OMFG WANT. I'm a touch typist so I could actually use it.

  • Guys acting like jerks to a professional woman trying to work in a traditionally male field. It was like this in the 90's but shows like this helped to change that attitude.

  • The DHD!

  • The Gate System... and that fucking huge wall of addresses!

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Emmaaltitudeandwine on February 2nd, 2014 12:40 pm (UTC)
Hee! Thanks for reminding me of the series. Maybe I should rewatch it too. (Suffering from a Mentalist hiatus)