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17 November 2013 @ 09:42 pm
x-posted from my nano blog  
I hate that feeling where you're not sure what should happen next in a story. usually i'm writing stories in which i am heading toward an ending i have pre-arranged but in this case i'm writing blind and that's freakin hard. normally i'd kind of walk away at this stage and take a breather but it's nanowrimo and i'm behind as it is so i guess i'll have to make a call on the run and see how goes.

do i kill everyone or just a few? is it to be a happy ending or one with a bit of a macabre twist? i'm thinking the latter. this whole thing is about the cycles of life and repeating our mistakes so i don't see why i can't have the great hope at the end about to fall into the same trap as everyone else. it sends it up for a prequel (yeah lol that'll happen) but also takes the happy edge of things. I'm not as violent as shakespeare but i'm not in the habit of writing comedies either.

yep. no i think i'm going to make MACE make a few mistakes... big mistakes.

favourite quote of the day?


Don't mock me, LITMUS, I'm not in the mood. Why are you smiling?


I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about what ROGER thinks.


(Narrows her eyes at him as the lift comes to a stop.)

See - it's when you say cryptic shit like that I get worried.


Kiss me?


What the fuck is wrong with you...

(Pushes past him into LAB 47.)

Feeling...: recumbentrecumbent