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19 May 2013 @ 08:58 pm
Doctor Who Reaction Post - THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR  
billions of spoilers - obviously

Okay, this is blow by blow as I re-watch it on TV and am unable to skip bits, as has become a bit of a thing this season.

Clara - born to save the doctor. I just want to quickly say that there is nothing in this episode or in the series that shows that Clara was actually 'born to save the doctor'. Her original birth is unremarkable. It's her choice at the end of this episode that saves the doctor. Being born to something is more like River being born to kill the doctor - as it was her purpose, how she was raised and nurtured etc. I don't know why that annoys me so much - it just seems gratuitous - something that Moffat (who I used to adore) has fallen into the bad habit of doing. If everything is destiny and everything is life threatening, nothing remains interesting. Just saying. Anyway...

Next annoying thing, The Lizard and her two friends. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I originally found them to be poorly written, irritating characters - have continued to find them so and in this episode they do little but take up space. They add very little to the plot and steal away screen time. The creepy jail guy could have just as easily come across Clara in one of her travels with the Doctor and revealed his secret to her - which would have given her the chance to piece together her own life and play a fundamental part to the plot from the beginning instead of continuously being dragged along.

The only other plot point those three add is their deaths serving as motivation for the Doctor to go to trenzalor. Well... the doctor would have gone anyway if he was told that his secret was in danger or any number of timey things that the who-verse invents for such purposes. Basically, enough of them already. Too many characters make for a confused plot. Not to mention the slapstick comedy coming from them is neither appreciated nor funny. CRINGE.


What. How. More to the point HOW is River there? There is no explanation as to how she got out of the library considering this is clearly after the event. I have a theory on this at the end.

As this meeting drags on I find it more and more irritating. I would rather Clara see a vision of River in her house instead of this false setup which doesn't even seek to explain why they're in time lord themed room. Indeed, this whole thing would only make sense if it were constructed by River herself through time lord tech. IT HAS COME FROM NOWHERE AND IT ANNOYS ME BECAUSE THEY"VE GONE FOR LAZY SHINY BACKSTORY VOMIT.

Also, how the frak did creepy jail guy get those time co-ordinates anyway? HOW. H O W

Eeee wen those things killed off the girl - I was actually happy. Does that make me a bad person?

River - is floating in a different world to the others. Hence her, YOU READ THIS ALL WRONG line.

I'm sure I've seen these sharp-toothed baddies before in Sarah Jane adventures when she was stolen from her time line. Anyone else remember them??? They were wearing capes, had no eyes - just mouths. Almost wish they'd gone from some universe continuity there!

Doctor getting all emotional on the couch = first solid scene of this episode. He cares. Smith makes me give a damn about going to this place.

Music -> you're helping.

The Doctor lying - that's more like it :P

Mythology about being a time traveler that can't go to his grave - I'll buy that so far. It's nice to add some rules to time travel - actual consequences.


There is no real explanation as to why the grave of a time lord is so bad. They say, 'paradox' but seriously how often has the doctor run into himself? It would be cooler if there was something about the possibility of undoing your time line tearing the universe apart - ie a paradox so big that the universe can't absorb it. This could be why the time lords were feared. Their curiosity could literally destroy everything - they float outside the rules - flaunt with the extinction of all things. If i were another race in the universe, that would certainly be motivation enough to start a war against them and seek to eliminate them. Got to protect your universe dawgs...

Every time the Tardis refuses to go somewhere, I see the woman from, 'the doctor's wife' slap him for doing stupid shit.

Why is Trenzalor molten? Not a very good place to put a tomb you want to preserve. Just saying.

Broken window - cute.

Graveyard - would have been cooler if it was a 'time grave yard' with the world being torn apart by all the time lords buried their and fractured time or something idk.

Like the hugeass Tardis - all ominous and broken. Of course the Doctor would be buried in it.

River grave stone scene was all well acted and written. Thank you.

"They wouldn't bury my wife out here"
-lol that was epic.

btw, none of this, 'must speak the truth or fail to answer' thing actually makes any sense. WHY can't he lie? WHY can't he remain silent. THIS IS NEVER ADDRESSED AT ALL. you can fudge a lot in Who - but not major major season driving plot points.

HOW did those three end up here? HOW _ WHY _ I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONE, DAMMIT!!!!

No - NO NO NO DON"T SAVE HER Yes... kill each other... FRAK.

STILL - WHAT ARE THESE FANGED CREATURES AND WHY DO THEY WALK ALL SLOW? it only worked for the Silence because you couldn't remember that you were running from them. These are non-scary like cybermen because yeah - just hop out of the way.

...Never blood soaked? seriously? I'm sure the lizard knows better than that considering what happened to her race and how well she is supposed to know the doctor. she was there at demons run - so she's heard the stories of the doctor. REMEMBER YOUR OWN CANON PLEASE.

Dimension forces in the Tardis = Nifty

Clara remembering - this is the first interesting thing that has happened to her.

How could would it have been if RIVER locked the Tardis in the first place. ie IF HER ECHO WAS THERE AT HIS END - a total full circle of traveling in opposite directions...

Stopping their hearts - meh, go for it.

Bad ass River opening the door.... I don't understand why she did it though. She would not have endangered the doctor for the sake of some companions.

Time Lord corpse was a great idea - not quite executed.

"What is that, what is that? WHAT IS THAT?" - this is why you don't have more than one companion - that question gets really irritating when you hear it three times whenever something odd happens. THEY DO NOT ALL NEED TO SAY IT TO FILL IN SCREEN TIME.

...and the baddies have all just kinda - stopped. *EYEROLL*

As soon as the Great Intelligence (GI) wrecks the doctor's first victory - none of the others will have existed. THIS MAKES NO SENSE MOFFAT, DO YOUR TIME TRAVEL SHIT PROPERLY LIKE I KNOW YOU CAN.  This would only work IF Clara was there, thwarting GI one battle after the other, playing out the whole of the doctor's 1000 years. THAT WOULD MAKE SENSE.

Anyway, as it stands, I don't understand why they didn't turn the doctor's time stream into an echo - instead of red- glow thing - which i found very irritating.


Thank you. Two down. One to Go.

FINALLY - Clara has a purpose of some kind and River's all, 'go on......................' in a passive-aggressive way. Payback's a bitch.

'We are all restored' - BUGGERATION AND FUCKERY

River - Doctor - perfection. MUSIC AGAIN GUH This is actual emotion. Everything about River and the Doctor is played so well by Smith and Kingston. Time traveling is PAIN when you're going in the wrong order. For the first time ever, they are on the same page - and that's EPIC.

'God knows how that looked' - actual comedy. thank you.


How river's story should have been.
> so, when she dies in the library, River is downloaded FIRST onto the doctor's sonic screwdriver - then into the library. i think it's fair to argue that there would have been an echo of her left on that screwdriver.
> that screwdriver was buried with the doctor.
> could have been powered by the Tardis (as it is still alive) and River's echo given life only on that planet where the dimensions and time paradoxes allow her to appear.
> she locks the tardis with the doctor's name.
> when the doctor is saying goodbye - the Tardis could have finally lost all it's power - also killing the screwdriver and thus River's echo vanishes forever leaving nothing but the Doctor's time stream lighting the room.

Everything after Clara falling out of the time stream doesn't make any sense. that being said, it would have been more poetic without the voice over. ie, she looks up and sees the leaf - then remembers who she is LionKing style and finds her way out.

The reveal of the new doctor was quite good.

Random fainting??? since when has she been one of those? I'm not a fangirl of hers but she deserves better than that. AND she's still gripping the leaf.

LOVE john hurt - sooo want him to do scary, undoctory shit and give the series back a bit of HBO.

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Billbilly_red_ocean on May 21st, 2013 04:53 am (UTC)
River + Doctor = ♥