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04 June 2006 @ 09:51 pm
I digress... (fanfiction)  

An ellymelly fic
Rating: Pg
Pairing: Mcweir  Grin  Grin  Grin
Warnings: Plotting… nothing serious, yet.
Summary: Time’s a ticking for the betting pool and nobody wants to lose…
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING!!! This is purely for entertainment, no infringement on copyright is intended nor was any money made out of the ‘borrowing’ of these characters. So please don’t sue me – I’m a big fan 

Chapter I

   Night was setting over Atlantis again and everything seemed oddly quiet. It was approaching that time when the deep blue of the day faded into a star studded dusk, the streak of galaxy not yet visible above the purple hues. Rodney leant on the railing of the control balcony letting the evening breezes play with hair he had long since given up trying to train. It was supposed to be Christmas, or so his watch said. Eleven forty-six, twenty-fourth of December, in fact – now he thought about it Christmas was nearly over. There was a going to be a celebration but it was decided to postpone Christmas until winter when the snows drifted in and turned Atlantis into an ice city. Rodney didn’t mind this, it would be a beautiful Christmas, besides, it always seemed more special with snow – he wasn’t quite sure why but it just did.
   “McKay.” It was Elizabeth’s voice that broke the eerie silence. Rodney sighed and tapped his head set.
   “Yes ‘Lizbeth.”
   “Can you come into the control room – things have started blinking for no reason.”
   “Sure.” Why not? He couldn’t have things blinking in his city without excuse now could he? He tapped his head set back off and pulled himself away from the edge taking in the last warm breaths of air before plunging himself into what was inevitably going to be chaos.
   Inside the air was scented with a fragrance similar to pine, Rodney examined one of the new indoor plants from the mainland, it was the likely culprit. Someone behind him sneezed, Rodney, on automatic pilot, commented. “Bless you.”
   “Zank you.” he turned to find Zelenka. He could have sworn he wasn’t there before. “I zupppose Weir called you to come zee.”
   “You sound surprised – and oddly happy…”
   “No, not at all. Lead ze way.” Rodney was more than a little concerned about the large grin making its way across Zelenka’s face, the good Czech didn’t smile like that for no reason… Unable to decipher the scientist’s expression, Rodney reluctantly led the way to the control room not hearing the muffled laughter from the group of people on the common table.


   “Put me down for twenty more and throw in a packet of m&m’s for good measure.” Sheppard grinned and threw in the bag of chocolate much to the shock and delight of the others.
   “A little over confident, aren’t we Major?”
   “No Ford, I’m just showing the proper confidence in fate.”
   “Oh please!” said the Scot, throwing more money on the table, “since when do yo’ believe in fate?”
   “Since now. Besides, you’re not exactly holding back there either.” Major Sheppard looked at the pile of money and condiments now sitting in the centre of their table – the bet had only been going for four months but they had quite a stash. The winner was going to be a very happy camper indeed.
   “I’m basing my estimation’s on careful observation.” Carson added, grinning back over the scene in front of him. Yes, two more months, that’d be about right. Rodney was such a wimp – well, that’s what he was counting on.
   “John, if I was to place this unopened bag of roasted coffee beans on the pile would you fly me over to the mainland?”
   “Teyla!” Said Carson hastily, looking at the glow in Sheppard’s face, “I think that would be an unwise trade.”
   “The coffee is worth much more than that. Trust me.”
   Telya considered this. “The offer is withdrawn.”
   “Carson! Why’d you do that?” Sheppard looked less than impressed with the doctor, he’d lost that bag to Teyla in a bet last month and really wanted it back. More so because he won it from Rodney and wanted to use it as leverage, it seemed almost fitting that it be involved in a bet involving him.
   “Because I’m going for brownie points.”
   “Right. You just went down five or six million in my books.”
   “Brownie points?” said Teyla quizzically.
   “Never’ mind lass.”
   Sheppard wisely decided to shift the subject away from his recent loss. “Ford – you know you’re clock’s ticking down…”
   “No it’s not.”
   “Four hours son, I’d call that a short ticking down.” Beckett smiled. He was going to win. McKay’s raised voice filled the dome shaped room causing everyone to avert their attention. McKay was yelling at everyone in a six meter radius – that included Elizabeth. Ford swore. Everyone else at the table broke into laughter.
   “What a waste of cookie mix.” Ford couldn’t believe he was going to lose. How was he supposed to know that it would take this long? It was supposed to be Christmas! “Stupid McKayness.”
   “Tha’ wasn’ a word.”
   “Go away.” Everyone else broke into harder laughter.


   “What did you touch?!” The smallish gate technician went white at McKay’s tone.
   “N-n-nothing. I was jus-”
   “No! I swear.”
   “Rodney.” Elizabeth, though amused, decided she needed that gate technician – preferably alive. “Calm down.”
   “I AM CALM.” Rodney paused realizing he was screaming at Elizabeth. “Sorry, I’m calm.”
   Rodney breathed and tried again. “What were you doing before this happened?”
   Elizabeth grinned happily. Much better way of asking the question.
   “I was just sitting here talking to Sunders when this key started to flash, and I – I –”
   “You what?” he hissed.
   The technician looked worriedly over to Weir. She smiled, “It’s okay, he won’t bite – I promise.” The technician glanced from her to Rodney and wondered how she intended on keeping that promise.
   “I –” he began nervously.
   “Yes…” prompted Rodney.
   “Touched it…”
   McKay threw the papers in his hand up over his head unable to comprehend the lesser mortals which seemed to surround him. “Why do I bother!” The gate technician whimpered and retreated.
   Elizabeth ducked as the papers scattered across the room. “Rodney.” She said sternly to her senior scientist who was currently in danger of biting.
   “Why do people always have to TOUCH THINGS!”
   “You touch things!” giving back as good as she got.
   “Yes but I fix what I break.” Elizabeth glared remembering the event just last week. “Usually.”
   “Yes exactly!”
   “What is that supposed to mean!” They had gotten themselves into another full scale argument; Elizabeth was the only one to hold ground with Rodney and the only one – except maybe Samantha Carter, who could get the better of him.
   “Rodney.” she’d flicked effortlessly from fierce to feminine, there was nothing more effective when dealing with Dr. McKay and she knew it.
   “Please fix whatever is wrong. I’ll smuggle some coffee if you do.”
   “You’d do that for me?”
   “Of course.” Signed, sealed and delivered…
   “Well, I guess I could take a look at it.” Elizabeth smiled, Rodney smiled back – Zelenka who’d been hiding in the background rolled his eyes and returned to the table.


   “You may be in luck Lieutenant Ford.” said Zelenka as he glid into the spare seat throwing a small packet of chips on the pile.
   “In luck?” Ford raised his eyebrows, confused as how he could ever possibly be ‘in luck’.
   “Yes, zat’s what I said.”
   “Weren’t they just fighting again?”
   “Have enuther look.” Everyone of course turned to see the two doctors gazing happily at each other as Elizabeth handed Rodney’s papers to him.
   “Don’t get too excited, you’re timer’s down to three hours and fifty-six minutes.”
   “P-l-e-n-t-y of time Sheppard.” Sheppard took another look at the pair who had just broken their gaze. McKay had to wait three weeks and John wasn’t beyond locking him somewhere to ensure victory. Besides, think how pleased Elizabeth would be when she found him, yes, that would work, all he’d needed wa-“
   “Major?” It appeared the whole table was staring at the Major who’d tuned out.
   “You’re plottin’ aren’ you.”
   “No Carson, I wasn’t. Why would you think such a thing?”
   “You’ve got tha’ look…”
   “What look?”
   “THAT look.”
   “No look!” He shrugged and quietly lowered his evil eyebrow hoping no one would notice. Carson was not so convinced but it did get him thinking. Ford had gone quiet as well – something was defiantly up at the betting table all for the mention of one little word…