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26 February 2012 @ 07:39 pm

Deciphering the Starlight

A rose disturbed the wall,

Melting the desert frost,

Saw a brick stir and move to fall-

Realised too late that it was lost

Across the sand its petals curled,

Broken and bruised

A brief colour to the world which faded, brushed, swirled away

Breathed and burned.

Delicate veins, spider web leaf

A crystal dome shivered,

Its surface endless but brief

Sticky liquid held by something withered

Branches built in memory

Tortured and cruel,

Snatching the morning dew from the grass to cry, hopelessly;

That night had lied

Sunlight steals the coolness away

And the leaves turn brown,

Scatter in a lifeless motion

Turning the world to a restless ocean.

Rocks tumbled over an open field –

Traces of humanity broken and ruined

A thought left to be used

Ravaged pages, time abused

Buried and refused.

Skeletons picked over by a wandering glance

Bleached and bare

Eyeless statues hold their stance

With an empty stare

And the moment passes, leaves him silent

Touching the wall, deciphering the starlight

Wandering voices, climbing the walls

Shivering into bloom

A radiant colour against the gloom

Whispers and falls

It dies in the sunlight, mournfully, peacefully

Settling with the dew.

                                      -ellymelly (inspired by Matthew Arnold's 'The Voice')

Feeling...: enthralledenthralled