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01 January 2012 @ 09:25 pm
Sanctuary - Sanctuary for None part 2  
Sanctuary For None - Part 2

I'd have to say that this entire season has really been one story arc, so I'm reviewing the season in it's entirety as well.

Generally - A very good episode - solid, well foreshadowed, excellently acted and mostly character driven (which is totally what I look for).

SCIU: So much better than the Cabal. They are neither evil nor good. They are a government agency with too many levels of bureaucracy, good people and bad people. They shades of grey and I hope they stick around. I also love that Tesla worked for them (that had to happen for so many reasons. He has a history of working for the government and it makes sense that they would try to draw him in. At the same time, he totally had to be fired from them as well because THEY CAN"T LEAK THAT MUCH MONEY dammit Tesla, everyone has limits!  LOL I'm sure they were sitting there hoping that he'd finish his secret, unsanctioned projects before they ran out of money to fund him. The real Tesla was a bitch with finance, so is this one.  { I'm also secretly kind of wishing that Lorne from SGA ends up working for SCIU! }

Addison: I've always kind of liked him - in a way that he's not just bad, indeed, he's one of those characters who turns the tide of the entire episode because of his change of heart. Without his intel and double playing, his leniency in previous episodes, Helen would be screwed. Indeed, I think he was her biggest gamble. She bet on his humanity and respect - and won. So yes, love his story arc, hope we see more of him.

The Bad Guy + other evil abnormals: Reasonably well executed although at no point did I actually believe their story. That's the one thing the writer's didn't manage to do. I didn't feel for their plight and I certainly never - not for a moment - bought their story. I think they could have been crafted better. In fact, I think less is more with the Abnormals. I would have rathered to hear him speak about all these abnormals but only ever seen glimpses of them - like they were a threat waiting n the shadows instead of in a camp. That would have been cooler and more in sticking with the sanctuary universe. Oh well, I still liked his evil masterplan except for one obvious flaw - dudes like him like to be ruler of the world - but he'd undoubtedly unleash much more powerful abnormals than himself and probably end up killed. Apocalypses are dangerous, even for the ones that start them. has he not watched any horror films down in hollow earth???

Biggie: Better executed by far. I really though he'd gone over to the darkside  then I didn't - then I did - then I couldn't decided which is exactly as it should be. Very well acted especially considering the costuming. I also liked that he died - it gave the whole arc a true cost. A good creature sacrificed themselves in order to make sure that the enemy was distracted for as long as possible. It wasn't a cheap exit - and the fact that he was killed off screen was also very poignant. Loved it.

Will: I like him much better when he's in his cop role - seriously, it suits him better being at odds with Helen, even hurt by her. I was bored with his Protege role but I fond that I actually enjoyed watching his confrontation scenes with Helen. He called her on a lot of her shit - and rightly so. "I think you're so jaded that you need the thrill of death to hold your attention." Stuff like that makes the show well worth watching. I'm only sad that things looks as if they'll return to the status quo next season - unless Will has to keep his job to avoid suspicion (which would make sense. If he randomly vanishes surely SCIU is smart enough to work out that Helen is still alive and he's run off to join her?).

Abby: Less annoying - fits in with the FBI. Not much else to say really, her role was pretty much straight forward in this ep.

Kate: I'd like to see more of her role in regards to hollow earth - hoping we get that next season and although i know what a totally utterly random ship this is i would have liked a slightly more squeeful moment between her and bigfoot before he died. DON'T LOOK AT ME, the writer's started it. I swear.

Henry: Loving his increased screen time. He's becoming more and more important to plots (instead of just the tech guy - or just the werewolf)  he's actually driving whole story arcs and I really like that. I also like the way he acts against Tesla. It's not very often in TV shows that you get to see scientists playing against each other like this (ie not just a geeky aside but with real hurt, ego and competition). I know it sounds odd but it's RARE in science fiction for the science to actually be important - or the process of science, but Sanctuary is devoting more and more time to it and I really love them for that.

Tesla: Where to start? He's one of the best crafted characters in any series - and ever so complex. I love how they've listened to fans and started drawing more of the real historical Nikola into the role - even if it's just references here and there like the pigeon or his life's work being stolen - and my personal favourite at the moment, his time in New York where Helen has obviously visited him. In the episode itself, he had a lot of parts to play that were vital to Helen's plans.
  • Getting hired by SCIU - Helen needed for that to happen and she made absolutely no effort to stop it from happening. I'm sure if she wanted to she could have batted her eyelashes and asked him not to work for them - and - bottomless expense account or not, he would have turned them down. Helen didn't. She turned a blind eye then used him to get a constant leak of information while he worked there. She was betting on him totally abusing his job and developing his own research there.
  • She was betting on that research being stolen when he was fired. It was rather cruel of her, to let him be used again considering his history of losing all his life's work to bastards and governments. It's a sore spot with him but she let it happen and I can't help but wonder if this is what that missing scene is about. People are talking about how cold she was towards Will but - well, this was pretty cold too.
  • Nikola developing and stopping the shield around the compound. If he hadn't been at SCIU to build it, they would have been using a technology that they knew nothing about - which is why it had to be Tesla - Helen knew that by this time he'd be on her side.
  • The last to leave. Again, it had to be Nikola the last person to leave the Sanctuary. Helen trusts him to trust her. When she tells him to run - he does it because he knows she has a plan and unlike the others, he doesn't bitch about not understanding what's going on. He just does what he's told. Nikola left her there even though it was very clearly that he adores her above all things.
The kiss. Well first I think we've been thrown a lot of information about the true nature of Helen and Nikola's relationship and it's complex as hell. I'm not even sure the writers realise how complex it is. It makes River Song and the Dr look like a walk in the park.

From what I can work out:

VictorianHelen and VictorianNikola meet at Oxford - form The Five with the others, inject Source Blood etc. Fine. Easy. Judging from his little speech in 'The Five' Nikola was in love with her then. "Because I love you - I always have. You're the only scientist, perhaps the only person I've ever really admired." Basically, he was crushing hard and she didn't realise.

VictorianHelen and VictorianNikola are also involved in both wars in between the following events.

VictorianNikola goes to Paris and then New York to begin his life's work. TimeTravelHelen meets him over there perhaps posing as VictorianHelen. (I reckon Nikola would have worked out her game pretty quickly). Either way, I think some kind of relationship between them is implied here and certainly helps to explain a lot of canon oddities over the seasons. Let's pretend that they are either intimate or close to during these times and spend decades together in one way or another.

TimeTravelHelen goes to Australia - to work on her plans for her second Sanctuary.

VictorianHelen is building her first Sanctuary network.

VictorianNikola gets himself into trouble with the spy agencies in America and his public image. He needs to disappear and enlists the help of VictorianHelen. If he hadn't worked it out already, Nikola must know by this stage that there are two Helens. There's no way he could miss it.

VictorianNikola's death is faked. He vanishes from VictorianHelen's life for 60 years. OKAY going to throw this out there - he probably met up with TimeTravelHelen - Vienna in Spring... I'm willing to bet that she had him helping her to create her new Sanctuary by sending him to Bhalasaam - she may have even shown him where it was but of course, neither of them can retrieve the source blood for a long time. It would explain why he's been 'coming here for years'.

At some point he gets distracted by shiny vampires - probably because TimeTravelHelen is now somewhere else spending a lot of time with the completion of her second Sanctuary.

Nikola runs into VictorianHelen: in Rome. He's had a lifetime with her - both of her, but she's only seen him sporadically throughout the centuries. As far as she's concerned, they were at Oxford then she helped fake his death meanwhile he's all doe-eyed over the decades they've spent together. It explains how flirtatious and downright familiar he is with her whilst she's flattered but surprised. At this stage, he knows a lot more about her life than she does as he starts his plans to seduce her. IRONICALLY it's all the hard work he puts in here that caused TimeTravelHelen to spend time with him in HIS past. (if you follow).

Just a thought - Helen has a villa in Italy. TimeTravelHelen is probably living on and off again there with Nikola. Why else would he be in Italy of all places? This might have all been his way back into her present life. It was pretty harmless really - but enough to catch her attention.,

Okay next time they see each other is Bhalassam, still PresentNikola and VictorianHelen. He's been here before - as I explained earlier, with I presume TimeTravelHelen. He's now teaching her what she will teach him (which is why time travel is so bloody bungled!)

From now on, their time lines are in the right order. Nikola and VictorianHelen are experiencing everything for the first time - together. Nikola's still far more flirtatious and bold with her. It must be so weird to know that you will be in a relationship in someone's future - that is your past. By the time he's finished - Helen has warmed to his charm.

VictorianHelen goes back in time and BECOMES TimeTravelHelen. It's all the same Helen, it just took her a while to get there.

Okay, her story, we've gone through but Nikola is now faced with TimeTravelHelen when she comes and finds him at SCIU. I'm not sure if he works it out yet indeed, I don't think he works out that they've switched until that kiss at the end of Sanctuary for None. For the first time we see Helen initiate affection and she is very familiar with him. That must be the 'penny drop' moment. "Oh, you're my Helen..." kind of thing.

Finally, everything has played out. They're both at the same place having lived through everything and I'm willing to bet that the cut scene dealt with that in some way.

Seriously show, COMPLEX OMG

lol instead of thinking, 'omg sanctuary burning to the ground' i was just sitting there going OH HOLD ON A FRAKKING MOMENT, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE WITH PLOT.

Feeling...: satisfiedsatisfied
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ellymelly: nikola: suitellymelly on January 1st, 2012 06:51 am (UTC)
my god that was one of the hottest suits Niko has been in, that vest with the darker accents, sooo classy

Just you wait until i get my high res copy... SUIT ICONAGE

The main reason I think Biggie is dead - at least for now, is due to the actor's scheduling. It's no co-incidence that both characters that he plays are out of it for the moment.

Nikola and Helen now totally do my head in. I think they just created the most complex relationship in TV. CRAZY PEOPLE.

I totally agree - I'd love to see him take on a different role next season - one that involves working in this new sanctuary. It would definitely be a natural progression for his character especially considering how long he has spent homeless.
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ellymelly: make a little mischiefellymelly on January 2nd, 2012 03:12 am (UTC)
Animas was total love!

I think Damien is either being steered into tesla/helen by the actors themselves or was just FOOLING US WITH HIS INTERVIEW (because australians can be totally sneaky like that)

all the adlibbing is just EPIC - it makes it play more naturally!
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ellymelly: thebehindthesceneskiss2ellymelly on January 2nd, 2012 03:21 am (UTC)
With John go... Will attached nikola/helen is very clearly the pairing - and unlike so many couples their more interesting while flirting. Something to do with them being epic :D ❤
Perilous Queg: smoochquerulouspeg on January 1st, 2012 08:57 pm (UTC)
When you put it this way......FREAKING AWESOME!
ellymelly: nikola: chimera smileellymelly on January 2nd, 2012 03:13 am (UTC)
magicamethyst80magicamethyst80 on January 1st, 2012 10:44 pm (UTC)
Agree with most of your points. If the show been focused on the relationship between Time Traveling Helen/Nikola this season things could have been a bit more interesting.
ellymelly: nikola: hear me outellymelly on January 2nd, 2012 03:13 am (UTC)
I think, with any luck, season 5 will GO THERE and be EPIC
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ellymelly: nikola: i don't give up that easyellymelly on January 2nd, 2012 03:17 am (UTC)
Well they've inadvertently been brilliant at finally explaining why canon relationships between the two have been so random. Now it all makes sense. COMPLEX FRAKKING SENSE but still - stroke of brilliance. AND IT MAKES ME WANT SEASON 5 NOW
shalowater: keep calm : pinkshalowater on January 2nd, 2012 12:32 am (UTC)
i love your review and i NEED to know how you put that tiny pink heart in your text please.
ellymelly: sanctuary quote: fluxingellymelly on January 2nd, 2012 03:19 am (UTC)
it's unicode. :D so just copy this ❤ like you normally would and you can treat it like a text character - change it's colour, size whatever :D
shalowater: * <3 this very muchshalowater on January 2nd, 2012 04:47 pm (UTC)
thanks test ❤
Trialiatrialia on January 2nd, 2012 02:31 am (UTC)
holy spoilers batman. *cries at being thoroughly spoiled because it took so long to scroll*
ellymelly: nikola: everyone's a criticellymelly on January 2nd, 2012 03:19 am (UTC)
try looking at the scroll bar while you scroll instead of reading what is very clearly a review.
Trialiatrialia on January 2nd, 2012 03:24 am (UTC)
I didn't realise it was going to be this spoilery from the first few lines, or I would've been, and you being blatant with your spoilers is really no reason to be rude and leave them outside a cut. You don't make a habit of that, so why this time?

And if you're wondering, the reason I haven't caught up yet is because my damn computer was stolen, all right? Not my fault at all. *clings to borrowed laptop*
Because loving ONE Seki-sama isn't good enough!: Tesla1sekitx2 on January 2nd, 2012 04:36 am (UTC)
"cut scene" ? How know this, something from twitter or? Please let me know.

Just want to know there will be a series 5... then can start hoping for what will or won't happen in it. But needs to have more Tesla (so can have more HXT) ^^
ellymelly: oh YES!ellymelly on January 2nd, 2012 04:41 am (UTC)
http://lair-or-lab.livejournal.com/45313.html <<<CUT SCENE (click on the image on the page) There needs to be LOTS more Nikola - they've seriously opened themselves up for that now!
Because loving ONE Seki-sama isn't good enough!: NyankoYattasekitx2 on January 2nd, 2012 03:12 pm (UTC)
OOOH... be on the DVDs yes please. Thank-you!