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30 October 2011 @ 12:42 pm
We discussed this – no vampire species resurrections.unless you find a mate  

Sanctuary of the Moon
the second bite
A sequal to People of the Sand.
author: ellymelly 
rated: M
summar: Ashley has gone in search of an isolated colony of vampires living in the Peruvian rainforst in the hopes that a sample of their blood will save Will. Helen, John and Henry follow her but have to rely on the help of Tesla, whose motivations are under suspicion. Meanwhile, detective Joe Kavanaugh must face his past to end a lifetime intermingled with an ancient and dangerous race of Abnormals in Egypt.

characters: Helen Magnus | Ashley Magnus | Nikola Tesla | John Druitt | Detective Joe Kavanaugh | Will Zimmerman | Bigfoot | Henry Foss |

Nothing but Lies | Tracks in the Mud | Empty Tombs | Buried Cities | Lockdown | Room with Columns | Blue Eyed Monster | Awakening | Vampire Stories | The Second Bite | Storm in the Desert |

read it  Sanctuary of the Moon at fanfiction.net or Sanctuary of the Moon at sanctuaryfiction.net

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