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13 September 2011 @ 08:49 pm
Apologies for being - well TOTALLY ABSENT of late. Life happened (urgh - hate it when the world gets in the way of fandom). Anyway, I bring you fic with Tesla getting his Vamp on. Only available at fanfiction.net I'm afraid, as Sanctuaryfiction has deleted half my story... what the. Hopefully that'll be back up for the next chapter. *elly*
in the time of science
A tag/prequel to People of the Sand detailing the events of The Five in their time at Oxford University.
author: [info]ellymelly 
rated: M
| The Five, Helen/John, Helen/Nikola, helen Magnus, Nikola Tesla, Jack
the Ripper, John Druitt, James Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Nigel Griffin,
Gregory Magnus, Ranna |

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read it  fanfiction.net or sanctuaryfiction.net
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