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23 July 2011 @ 05:09 pm
This chapter and the next few are dedicated to death_ofme  for introducing me to the world of dancing, singing JY

in the time of science
A tag/prequel to People of the Sand detailing the events of The Five in their time at Oxford University.
author: ellymelly 
rated: M
characters/pairings: | The Five, Helen/John, Helen/Nikola, helen Magnus, Nikola Tesla, Jack the Ripper, John Druitt, James Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Nigel Griffin, Gregory Magnus, Ranna |

Storms and Lecture Notes | Universe in the Lake | The Start of Something | Breaking In | Taking A Turn | The World's an Experiment | Vivisection | Secrets, Lies and Stolen Truths | Sanguine Vampiris | Child of the Storm | Unbreakable | Rats to the Slaughter | First Impressions | The Invisible Man |Dampier's Notes | Haunting Immortals | Sherlock | Missing Time | Dreamscapes of the Insane | Nigel Walks | Bloody Nights in London | Trill Mill Stream | A Shot in the Dark | Pushing Boundaries | The British Museum | Nature's Balance | Nigel's Diary | Crimson Torment | Beautiful Disaster | Wild Roses and Empty Boxes | Prince of Blood | Starting From Scratch | A History of the Underworld | Black Water | Hollow Ground |Apology in Blood | An Honest Gentleman | Bowing Out Gracefully |
Creatures of the Sand | Ruffle of Feathers

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