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16 June 2011 @ 01:34 pm
❤Love in the Time of Science  
Title: Love in the Time of Science
Note: A tag/prequel to People of the Sand detailing the events of The Five in their time at Oxford University.
Storms and Lecture Notes | Universe in the Lake | The Start of Something | Breaking In | Taking A Turn | The World's an Experiment | Vivisection | Secrets, Lies and Stolen Truths | Sanguine Vampiris | Child of the Storm | Unbreakable | Rats to the Slaughter | First Impressions | The Invisible Man |Dampier's Notes | Haunting Immortals | Sherlock | Missing Time | Dreamscapes of the Insane | Nigel Walks | Bloody Nights in London | Trill Mill Stream | A Shot in the Dark | Pushing Boundaries | The British Museum | Nature's Balance | Nigel's Diary | Crimson Torment | Beautiful Disaster | Wild Roses and Empty Boxes | Prince of Blood | Starting From Scratch | A History of the Underworld | Black Water | Hollow Ground |Apology in Blood | An Honest Gentleman |
by: [info]ellymelly 
Rated: M
Pairings/characters: The Five, Helen/John, Helen/Nikola, Helen Magnus, Nikola Tesla, Jack the Ripper, John Druitt, James Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Nigel Griffin, Gregory Magnus.

The first man to lunge was the tallest with a thick red beard and cold, grey eyes. He swung his machete just shy of Sherlock's head. Sherlock ducked, the cold sound of metal cutting air ringing in his ears. Like an insect, Sherlock spun under the man's blade and quickly slashed his sharp cane against the killer's chest. The material of his jacket and shirt shredded to reveal a slender line of red. (read on...)
Feeling...: artisticartistic