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17 April 2011 @ 04:47 pm

So... First official day here in Vancouver and it is AWESOME.

Considering I have just come off a long haul flight, I thought it was pretty good that we were out and about wandering ourselves down to a cafe for hot chocolate at around 10am. (French Cafe which - hilariously - didn't understand my friend ordering 'fruit'. We're all FRUIT - you know FRUIT *point at it* THAT THING FRUIT *point point point* ) As you can see, I've rugged up because DAMN did I mention it was COLD? I'm struggling to get over this - Vancouver is totally just an alpine port. Seriously, would love to live here but I'd just become an icicle somewhere.

(oh so dodgy photo taken in the bathroom before heading out)

So, we headed off wandering - and first found a clothing store - with warm clothes. Very important. Now armed with fleece and thermals, we continued through the wind and - sort of trying to rain - day. As you can see, it IS technically sprint and all the flowers are out as we walk down the streets - gorgeous. Randomly, we were about to cross the road when we heard bagpipes - as you do, even though it's totally the wrong country. It turned out to be some graduation ceremony for all these - rather gorgeous KILT WEARING (wtf cold) arm people.

Anyhow, on further we decided to walk towards stanley park - just because Vancouver has a reputation for rain and we took this overcastness as a good chance to have a go at the park. This place is totally gorgeous - and huge - and next time we are so hiring the bikes because my feet currently hate me for the nearly 20km of trekking.

We ended up at the Aquarium - where we saw a squirrel (ADORABLE BUSHY RAT WITH TAIL). No photos because we were busy acquiring sustainence (no, i won't refer to what we ate as 'food'). Aquarium line was ENORMOUSLY LONG and filled with prams and small things running around making noise lol. When we got in though we were stamped and ushered through before being allowed to keep wandering. SO MUCH PRETTY - photos below. What I didn't get photos of (but friend did so share later) were the Belugas. We managed to catch the end of their show which was so cool.

And suddenly there was sun. LIKE PROPER POSTCARD SUN. So the remaining is a few photos that we took slowly wandering around the edge of Stanley park IN THE SUN WTF where happened across a wedding - with a very cold bride lol.

After that we - you guessed it - walked home, changed and then went to dinner just down the road from our hotel at another french restuarant where i had fish - so good. We're probably going to make this place a haunt.
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Jennmidwifeonboard on April 17th, 2011 11:28 am (UTC)
Beautiful pics! Making me long for Vancouver. *sigh* Have a fabulous time.
nikolat3slanikolat3sla on April 17th, 2011 11:53 pm (UTC)
it is such a pretty city! very walker friendly