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13 September 2006 @ 02:31 am

RMM (Random Mcweir Moments!)
The database is back up - so I thought I'd re-post the RMMS!  Happy Mcweiring!


RMM! Coffee... by ellymelly  Grin

It was another briefing - third one for the day to be precise and Rodney was as bored as any half sane human could be. He extended a finger towards his empty coffee mug nudging it a few centimeters to the left, sighed, then nudged it back. The leader of the expedidtion watched this behaviour, more than a little concerned at the attention capacity of their head scientist. Putting it down to a drop in caffeine levels she indicated to the captain by the door to refill Mckay's mug.

Rodney was about to shift his mug again when a hot stream of coffee started to pour into it. Suprised, he straightened up and looked around the room. He thought he saw a certain doctor look away just in time, her face baring evidence of a smile - Mckay paused.

Nah, couldn't be. With that he returned his attention to his mug.


RMM: Energy Bar...   by ellymelly  Grin

Rodney was tired. Not just sleepy or drowsy - no, Mckay was dangling over the great void of coma and he still had to build a nuclear bomb, program a chair and save Atlantis.

"The things i do for one more day of chaos." he yawned, approaching his lab.

It had just gone three am according to his watch - then again he wasn't certain how reliable it was after the little incident with the chair earlier. That pretty much described the state of things in general; No hope; No sleep; slightly damaged.
Rodney grudgingly punched his code and his lab door slid swiftly across. Unbelievable, if all else failed - if Atlantis crumbled around them - it would still be a sure bet that the doors would work. In the pit of his stomach he could feel a growl building, reminding him that it had been almost eleven hours since he last ate. He growled back at it and paced across to his desk in search nuclear bomb building instructions, what he found was quite unexpected...

Sitting happily on his desk was a king size Mars Bar - the ultimate power bar. Rodney simply blinked at it before noticing the hand written note laying underneath:

"Don't forget to eat. Wouldn't want to lose the smartest man on atlantis now would we?"

Rodney blinked again, feeling a little better this time.


RMM: Popcorn? by ellymelly  Grin  (set in 'hide and seek')

Sheppard yelled something at the screen then threw his arms up in protest.

"NO!" he began, hand searching for the popcorn bowl, "How could - what kind of - Ah!"

Rodney, sandwiched between Ford and the scowling major, looked unimpressed.

"It's a - NO, wait. woo!" Sheppard punched the air dangerously close to Mckay's head in excitment. "Hail Mary, what did i tell you."

"Yay..." McKay wished he wasn't so hungry, he also wished that Elizabeth wouldn't lean on the couch behind his head like that... Elizabeth herself was about as impressed as Rodney with the game. Football, it seemed, was not one of her strengths.

She smiled, seeing the popcorn bowl handed to her from Ford. After taking a small amount she offered it to Rodney without thinking...


Rodney's stomache growled again and a devilish grin spread across her face.

"Nevermind..." she said passing it across, the grin still lingering.


RMM: Uh oh... by ellymelly  Grin

"It's a very delicate process," Mckay knew he was yelling but at present he didn't really care, the cowering individual in front of him deserved it, "and when IMBICILES like you keep TOUCHING things we tend to end up in deep -"

"RODNEY!" Elizabeth stepped in to save the poor technition. "What's going on here?"
"Mr.McLangley over here just -"
"Rodney!" feeling that this was going to take a turn for the worse. "Calm down."
"Every single time i tell people to keep their extremnities to themselves and look what happens!" Elizabeth folded her arms at him, he gave up and slumped against the consol in dispair - muttering. Moments later the consol started letting out high pitched whines... Rodney, not daring to look behind him, froze.

"Uh oh..."
"Uh oh?" Elizabeth raised an eyebrow as was the fashion in Pegasus, Rodney just gave a sheepish grin.


RMM: I'm sorry? by ellymelly  Grin

Rodney glanced across the table toward the source of the disturbing behaviour only to find Sheppard capitalising on the attention, his head tilted in a kind of drunken slant toward Teyla who was doing her best to escape. Rodney, dismayed, returned his attention to his hand of cards.

"Pitiful." he muttered under his breath.

"You know what?" said Elizabeth, pulling her eyes away from the full scale war erupting between Zelenka and Beckett.

"What?" he jumped a little, covering his cards protectivly. Elizabeth summoned a smile.

"You're a terrible liar."

"I'm sorry?" said Rodney watching as his commanding officer reached into the centre of the table and cleaned up the winnings much to his dismay. The warring scientists failed to notice the departure of their assests while Sheppard, under the impression the game was still going, attempted to impress Teyla by throwing another energy bar into the pile which Weir quickly cleaned up.

"I said, you're a terrible liar Mckay." Mckay frowned, not sure whether to be mildly or severely insulted. "But i don't mind." she continued, leaving a small pile of condiments on the table in front of him before going in search of more Athosian wine. Mckay sat there staring at the pile deciding to dismiss all insult- ducking as Sheppard threw another energy bar into the pile before him.

"Definatly forgiven..." 


RMM: What? ... by ellymelly  Grin

Elizabeth Weir walked into the labs only to be met with a most odd sight...

"Rodney!" The scientist in question jumped significantly and looked up toward the door.
"What?" he said hurridly. Elizabeth eyed him sternly.
"What are you doing?" Rodney turned to check no one was behind him.
"Who - me?" she narrowed her eyes, "What? Nothing..."
"I'm not doing anything!"
"You have that look."
"What look?"
"That look." she said upon seeing his eyes glint once again in the low light.
"No look!"

Elizabeth had had about enough of this...

"It's a power source not a personal heater now put that down!"


RMM: Ow... by ellymelly  Grin

Elizabeth sat in her office.

From this well chosen perch she found that she could observe the whole gateroom floor with ease. People milling by, equipment coming in and out, various goods being beamed in and...

Dr. Rodney Mckay may not have the best temperment but there was one thing that he did posess, impecable timing. He made his way across the wide expanse of Ancient marble, chatting animatedly to dr.s Zelenka and Hopkins. Elizabeth, sitting by the window, lowered her report and watched. For a few seconds she got away with it until, without warning, Rodney decided to avert his eyes in the general direction of her office. Instantly they both knew they were caught.

Instead of pretending it never happened, they watched each other as Rodney moved across the room - and straight into the path of a box fresh from beaming.

"OW! God, ow..." Rodney hopped around the box scowling.
"Rodney that is very expensive!" yelled the czech next to him, moving the box into the arms of a distressed scientist.
"Who would put a box in such a stupid place! Stupid box! Incompetant operator. Stupid box!"
"That would be Thor."
"Stupid supreme being." he muttered.
"Rodney. Are you alright?"

Rodney went to answer when he remembered what he was doing before the slight accident. Aw crap...

He looked up just in time to see Elizabeth smirk behind her report.

Radek slapped him on the back, "You'll be fine."
"Ow..."  angry


RMM: Lines... ellymelly Grin

The noise coming through the walls was awful, if it hadn't been such a common occurance these days someone would have raised some form of alarm. As it stood, however, the two doctors remained locked in their heated debate - if you could call it that...

"Well perhaps if you stop insisting on destroying entire solar systems i might consider-"
"It wasn't a whole solar system!" muttered Rodney, trying to hold some ground against the livid Weir.
"5/6, 3/5, 8/10 what's the difference?!"
"... 4/5..."
"Rodney!"  angry
"What?"  huh
"Whatever! You're request is DENIED." she slammed his request folder back on the table and glared in his genral direction.

Rodney gave in, he knew only too well where the lines were in this office. Sighing, he went to leave the office and Elizabeth in peace.

"Rodney." came a slightly more calm voice. Rodney turned as carefully as he could so as not to snap the fine line.
"Yes 'lizbeth?"
"Ask me tomorrow."

Rodney grinned and scurried out of the room before she changed her mind.  Grin Oh there were definatly lines, he just happened to know every one of them...


RMM: Rodney... ellymelly Grin

Rodney streched - his poor, tortured chair squeaking unhappily as he lay back in it. It wasn't long before he found its equilibrium - somewhere between the best angle for his special needs spine and its precarious relationship with gravity. He stayed there waiting for each vertebra to click dutifully into place - a task at which he had nearly succeeded until a certain Dr chose to walk past...

Dr. Weir slowed her pace just slightly as she approached the lab - she could hear that poor old chair complaining as Rodney no doubt tried to align his spine. (something which she had told him to see Carson about on many occassions.) As she reached the door she averted her eyes, just to check on him of course, make sure he wasn't planning to camp there or anything. What she caught was her head scientist tumbling head over heals as his chair rejected him.

Rodney hit the floor with a great clatter. Ow... The last thing he remembered was seeing Eli-something out of the corner of his eye and then he was on the floor trying to regain some dignity.

"Rodney..." said Elizabeth, back tracking the last few steps and peering into the darkened room. The man on the floor rolled over and righted himself and the chair looking a little dazed.
"Yes 'Lizbeth?"
"You alright?"
"Me? Yeah, 'course i was just - ah, reaching for my file on inverse particle phase shift and the chair just whoosh!" He made the little hand movement twice for dramatic effect, looking as embarrassesd as ever. Weir did her best to hide a grin.
"Okay. Night Rodney."
"Night Elizabeth." He maintained a pleasent face until she disappeared from sight, at which point he collpased back onto his chair and placed his head in his hands - the little penguin, his companion from Antarctica, grinned at him. "Oh be quiet!"


the first one, by Hypercaz  Grin

RMM: Debriefing...

A harrowing debriefing. Rodney yawned and rested his head on one hand. The mono tone of Colonel Sheppard was putting him to sleep.

Rodney looked at Elizabeth.

She looked at him.

An exchange of smiles. He winked slowly at her. Elizabeth blinked, smile widening. Rodney impersonated the 'thinker' pose. Her eyes laughed. Peusrevely, she pursed her lips. He mimicked her. Elizabeth flicked her tongue out, then resumed her pursing. Rodney groaned, having enough of her teasing. He said loudly, "I think that's all."

After the debriefing, Elizabeth repeated herself - on him.


RMM: Sneezes by HyperCaz

Rodney sneezed loudly as Elizabeth walked past. He gave her an apologetic and watery smile until she was out of sight.

"Why does she wear that perfume?" He demanded of Teyla.

Teyla gave him that knowing smile,

"She wishes to gain your attention."

Rodney stared at her. He snorted,

"And how would you know? You're not from Earth."

"And you're not a woman," Teyla countered.

In her office, Elizabeth Weir was fighting off a sneezing attack. She demanded of Colonel Sheppard,

"Why does Rodney wear that cologne?"

"He's out to impress," John replied, smirking.

"Out to impress who?"

The Colonel stared at her like it was obvious. He allowed himself a chuckle at her expense. John lowered his voice,

"He's trying to get your attention."

"Really?" Elizabeth looked surprised, "Well that's..."

John supplied,

"Surprising? Freaky?"

"I was thinking cute," Elizabeth smiled.

At that moment, Rodney came to the door with Teyla poking him along. John and Teyla shared a look and quickly left the area.

"Er, hi," Rodney managed, then gave a loud sneeze.

Elizabeth also sneezed. She wiped her eyes, saying in amusement,

"Why don't we clean this stuff off and meet up in the mess in an hour?"

"On a date?" Rodney asked, voice shaking.

She nodded. Rodney tore out of the room, letting off a few whoops of happiness.


RMM: Papercut by HyperCaz

Rodney let out a yelp.

This wasn't the sort of thing he usually said in a briefing so naturally it caught some puzzled looks.

"Something wrong?" Elizabeth asked.

Rodney looked pitiful as he held out his hand and said sulkily,

"I got a papercut. And it's bleeding."

"Papercuts don't bleed," John snorted.

"It's bleeding!" Rodney repeated firmly.

John rolled his eyes and said,

"Are you a big boy or do you need to see Beckett?"

"John," Elizabeth warned.

She looked at Rodney's hand and thoughtfully left the table. She disappeared into her office and came out a few moments later with a bandaid. Elizabeth walked around to him and gently applied it to his sore finger. She asked with a small smile,

"Do you need me to kiss it better?"

"That doesn't work," Rodney said stiffly.

Elizabeth, regardless, gave the bandaided finger a quick little peck. She told him matter-of-factly,

"But it does help the pain."


RMM: Froth by Hypercaz  Cheesy

Rodney wanted to complain to someone about the froth in his coffee. However, those wise enough to avoid him had fled the mess - this included most of the populace.

He sat down at a table by himself, glowering at everyone and everything. He took a tentative draw from his coffee and made a face for show. In truth, it didn't taste half bad. Rodney set it on the table, trying to look displeased.

He was formulating a complaint when Elizabeth Weir sat across from him, drinking water instead. She looked at him and her eyes widened. A grin crept onto her lips.

"Hello, Rodney," She said, smiling wickedly.

Feeling like he was missing a joke, he grunted in reply. As he looked at her, he noticed something odd. Elizabeth was staring at him intently. She pointed to her lips.

Perplexed, Rodney frowned. Expelling a small chuckle, she licked her lips. This startled him - but in a very good way, he decided. He watched her more avidly, wondering if she was teasing him and if he should respond.

Elizabeth sighed and licked her lips again.

Rodney couldn't help it. He pointed to himself and asked silently,


"Rodney you're hopeless!" She exclaimed.

Elizabeth whipped up a napkin and leaned across the table, wiping his lips and getting rid of the froth that had settled there. Rodney blushed furiously, unable to speak in his defence.

Laughing at his discomfit, she stood and turned to leave. But she did glance back and mouth,

"Yes, you."


RMM: The Pen... by Hypercaz  Cheesy

Rodney McKay was holding one of the more annoying clicking pens in his hand and was absently clicking away. Briefings were bad enough in Colonel Sheppard's opinion without the continuous clicking.

John reached over and grabbed the pen, snapping it in half. Rodney looked scandalised. He looked across to Elizabeth and said crossly,
"Sheppard broke my pen."
"Give him another," She commanded John  immediately.
Sheppard scowled and passed over one of his. He realised his mistake too late - a clicking pen.

Click. Click. Click-click.

Elizabeth smiled at Rodney and picked up her own clicking pen. They synchronised perfectly. John got a twitchy, wild look in his eyes.
"Do you mind?" He demanded.
Elizabeth and Rodney shook their heads, both adding a click to each shake.
Sheppard glared and picked up another pen. He clicked it furiously in a last ditch attempt to get back on top of the situation.
"He's being annoying," Rodney whined.
Elizabeth held out her hand,
"Give me the pen, John."
Sheppard threw his hands up in frustration and stalked from the room. Teyla reached over and picked up his pen. She clicked it experimentally and smiled.
"I don't know why that sound doesn't bother me," Elizabeth said in amused tones.
Rodney threw his pen at her. She caught it deflty and tossed it back at him. It nicked his shirt. He jumped up indignantly,
"I can't go offworld looking like this!"

Rodney also left the room. Elizabeth turned to Teyla and Ronan and commented airily,
"Sometimes they're like children."
"Sometimes you play favourities," Teyla told her, smiling.


RMM: The Little Things by Peanut  Grin

(used with permission from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/weirmckayship/message/2623 - thank you so very kindly!  Grin - please note this fic as been edited very slightly to fit the criteria of RMM, to see the fic in its entirity visit the link above. Again thank you ToasteronFire, it's great to have another mcweirer out there as we seem to be in short supply!)


A soft touch on his shoulder woke him. He picked his head up from the
computer keyboard to see her walk by and place a steaming mug in
front of him. She relaxed into the chair next to him and wrapped her
hands around her own cup.

He stretched his spine before taking a careful sip of the coffee.
Black, strong, and saturated with sugar, just the way he liked it. He
gave her a sleepy, grateful grin, touched by her thoughtfulness.

She smiled back, eyes twinkling as she appraised the L-shaped
indentation of the Enter key on his cheek.


"Why am I doing this again?"

"To help you relax."

"Chess is relaxing."

"I mean mentally relaxing."

"I hardly find bending myself into a pretzel mentally

"That's because you haven't practiced enough."

"Please teach me, oh wise yoga one."

"Rodney, you're supposed to meditate while you're doing

"Is that your way of telling me to be quiet?"

"Meditate on it."

"Very funny."

(Several moments of silence that end with a large crash.)

"That's permanent damage."

"You okay?"

"I don't think I'm meant to bend this way."


"Laugh all you want."


"The things I do for you."


fififollefififolle on September 13th, 2006 03:13 am (UTC)
Oh, wow! These were brilliant, ellymelly :D 'Ow' was truly wonderful, and he has a penguin? Brilliant :D 'Sneeze' was a hoot, wasn't it? You guys have done great little things here. Oh, wow, I just noticed the link at the bottom! I need to see those! Now... where's my notebook...? LOL Thanks!
Nicole: SGA_McWeir_leaderslucius_admirer on September 13th, 2006 05:03 pm (UTC)
heeeee wonderful ♥ fluffy McWeir moments are the best!