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09 September 2006 @ 03:43 pm

Seriously FRAKKED off about TPTB descision to block non-us fans from viewing the GALACTICA WEBISODES?

Characters so far:

Tigh (part of the resistance)
Chief (part of the resistance)
Callie (part of the resistance)
The baby (Callie and Chief)
Duck (knows about the resistance but not yet joined)
Nora (wife of Duck)
Jamer (Jammer?) (trying to convert people to the resistance but morally torn as to their methods)
Charlie Mongo (Killed by Cylons upon finding his weapon hold)
Preistess dressed in blue
Red haird female  (part of the resistance)


Scene opens to  a very bleak and blue tinged "New Caprica - 67th day of occupation"

A group including the Chief, Cally and Tigh are sitting around in some tent.

Cally hands Cheif and another guy their jackets, "Here you go."

"Thank you."

Chief offers a red jug, "One more for the road? Keep out the cold and wet?"

"Ooh no," says the red head, "not for me.  Kurfu's in twenty minutes, sun's going down even quicker and the last thing I want to do is spend the night in a Cylon jail cell."

Another man gets up with the red head and they start putting on their jackets, this is the same dude who's featured prominantly in the next webisode. "The Cylons show up to help us and the first thing they do is build a jail cell."

We cut to Cally nursing her baby, "He's so beautiful." says a blond woman.

"You two should have one." she replies.

The red head appears, we assume they're husband and wife... "We're working on that." 

"mmm ok."

"Great work if you can get it." says Chief.

Now we're outside walking with the happy couple and the other dude. 

"We need to find you a lady buddy, you're starting to walk funny." says the red head, slapping the other man on the back. They laugh.

"Well," he puts he's arm around the blonde, "if Nora has a sister..."

"Sorry I can't help you." she laughs. (From now on she shall be 'Nora' lol)

"Story of my life." he says, reaching into his pocket to retrieve a cigarrette. He offers the other man one, the guy refuses.

"Oh no no no, we quit - "

"If we're going to have a baby we've got to clean up our act." says Nora. (and they kiss.)

"Did you ah - did you hear about Mongro?"

"No - what?"

"Toasters got 'em - found his weapons stash."

"You think Duck'll bite?" says Tigh, back in the tent.

"Jamer's finding out right now." says Chief. *NOTE  red head is now, "Duck, other dude is Jamer and the blonde is Nora* "The Cylons didn't get them all,"says the Chief as Tigh opens a container containing weapons, "Mongo had these hidden under his letrine."

"This is all that's left?" says Tigh in dissapointment. "This is frakking pathetic. If this keeps up we'll have nothing but rocks left to throw at the bastards." 

"Yeah, and nobody to throw 'em."

We're back outside.

"They shot him in cold blood?" says Nora, shocked. 

Jamer replies, "Toasters claim when they found his stash he was reaching for his gun."

"What?" says Duck, "Charlie's not that stupid. Those frakkers murdered him."

"Gods, poor Charlie. Keeping weapons in his tent, what does he expect?"

Duck walks toward a poster, "And now they want us to do their dirty work for them, are you kidding me? New Caprica Police? What a bunch of crap!"

Jamer sighs, "Some people say it's a good thing. Get the Centurians off the streets and let us patrol them ourselves. Maybe Charlie would still be alive if - "

"No no no, no matter how you try to swing this, you work for the toasters, it's treason." (and he rips the poster down.) "And that's it. Let's go." (and they leave).

"Oh hell!" says Jamer, "I forgot my hat back at the Chief's, I'll see you later. See you man."

Duck looks at Nora, "What do you think about him being a godfather?"

She smiles, "Yeah."



Back at the tent.

"It's bed time..." says Callie to her newborn. 

"No one's going to have a hope in hell of getting us off this rock if we don't get together and mobilise an effective fighting force." says the Chief.

Tigh looks at the weapons, "We're going to have to keep these here until we find a better hiding place."

"Colonel I got a wife and a newborn I - "

"We'll move them as soon as we can."

Jamer re-appears. The Chief looks up, "Well?"

"Duck hates the toasters, there's no doubt about that."

"He's also an ex-viper jockey," says Tigh, "with forty kills, talk to him, make him understand that we need him. Throw in some poetic crap about the struggle for liberty against the Cylon oppressers - whatever it takes. We need more people or this resistance movement is going to die in its crib." He takes a sip of some red substance.


Scene starts outside near (i presume it's a water plant??? with Chief and two other guys (Duck and Jamer). The atmosphere is dergy and grim, New Caprica does NOT look like a happy place to exist. 

"Look, part of me would love to kick some crome plated ass with you guys but - it's not going to happen. I just - got other plans." Duck leaves.
Jamer sighs, "Other plans, what the frak is that?" (something i can't translate) "
The Chief looks at Jamer, "So what? I got a wife and a kid, you don't think I don't worry about them? We've got a future to live and we're just going to lay down and quit - that's just a spineless excuse."
"The Duck's no coward Chief. He made his choice, we made ours. Let's leave it at that."
The Chief considers this for a moment before looking seriously peeved, "Frak that." and then he leaves as well.
Jamer realises he's wasting precious water (Hey i was right! yay!) and continues filling up his container. (This is the dude in the next scene as well).

Que mystical Battlestar music as the scene changes and opens out onto a candle lit scene. A woman dressed in a blue jacket is carrying some kind of food. I presume this is in a temple 'tent' of some kind as we sweep around to see the first guy in the previous scene praying with his eyes closed.

The woman speaks. "Many thanks for the food you have presented us, may this harvest be spared the ****(unknown word)****sounds like 'blight'."

Several people in the tent - including Colonel Tigh respond, "So say we all."

The *frankly* creepy woman in blue leaves. (I'm pretty certain she's some kind of religious leader or preistess.)

The woman sitting next to Tigh speaks, "We picked up all the weapons from the other sites, there are crates of machine parts. Smuggle them over here a few crates at a time."

"Wait a minute," says Jamer in concern, "you want to hide firearms in the temple?"

The woman responds, "Something wrong with that?"

"This is sacred ground! The Cylons respect that, which is why they leave the temple alone."

"And that makes it the perfect hiding place." says Tigh.

"It's sacrillige!"

"I'll tell you what," continues Tigh, "you say a prayer, ask the gods to forgive us, we move the guns in tonight." And then he also leaves the tent along with the woman leaving the guy looking rather peeved and emotionally torn. He's just not having a good day.

toasteronfire: spacetoasteronfire on September 9th, 2006 11:29 am (UTC)
*hugs, gives all those "quit whining" posters the finger*