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25 May 2009 @ 08:47 pm
Well, where there's a flood there's a picSPAM ! - shall we call this part two?

01: It's been raining for a while and it suddenly occurs to me that this might be a problem... solution? take photos - of course.

02: Spoonbills - i have no idea why, but these things have only been here once - and so i started camera stalking them. they're really skittish though - like, you breathe and they flap off!

03:  can no longer take photos from indoors... :( check out how long those raindrop marks are - give you some idea about the 95km/h wind kicking in!!!

04: Spoonbills admiring the view. For the uninitiated that tiny brown line behind the green is the actual river (explains the positioning of the boathouse). the rest is random flood!

05: Pretty spoonbills...

06: Actually, they're starting to creep me out.

07: Flood water high - i start making abusive phone calls to the council. (it's 7am). they tell me our flood gates aren't open - I insult him and slam the phone down.

08: Lake forming on North paddocks...

09: um... random lizard that was hiding behind our kitchen granite. don't quite know why it's part of this picspam.

10: Now it's closer and sparkly

11: Urns submerged. Yes, that blur is a bird, but as you'll see - you can't actually take a photo around here without a damn bird. there are literally THOUSANDS of the things!

12: Boatshed looks like a random floating building.

13: The main road is over there somewhere...

14: Beyond that newly formed lake...

15: hahah - that's not a lake either.

16: Leeloo's like, 'eh - screw the flood - i'm just going to lay here and fantasise about killing that bird'.

17: Loch Ness monsters sighted in south paddock. cows are indifferent.

18: Kidding... they're black swans.

19: just to prove to you that no photo is left bird-free

20: ducks. many. yes, driveway is very flooded but less so than it was!

21: Sinister bird - perched.

22: Four  birds trying to ignore each other.

23: Cute bird amongst autumn grape vine also known as THE ONLY ONE THAT WOULD KEEP STILL!

24: Cute pair.

25: VERY PINK. they glare at the intrusion.

26: 'Sup? take your photo an nick off - yeah?

27: Rosellas enjoying the view.

28: Ducks are like WHAT IS THAT? as i approach.

29: *be very very quieeeet*

30: Flooded. In. Isolated. In need of canoe. actually, last time we actually DID canoe up here - you know, the driveway...

31: I have no excuse at all for this photo.

32: I seriously think that the lawn may actually be getting greener as I walk down here.

33: Hmm... to explore - or not to explore scary murky water...

34: wow. cold.

35: This is as far as i got. i didn't chicken out because the water was freezing, or that it had started to get deep - or even because it was decidedly icky and the wrong colour - i stopped because it occurred to me that wading through waist high water in bullshark invested murky river water was probably not the smartest idea.

36: so instead, i took a random urn photo - as you do.

37: Once upon a time there was grass. Step in this and i guarantee you'll sink 5 feet.

38: i swear, this didn't start as 'chronicals of the creepy birds'

ellymelly: MINEellymelly on May 25th, 2009 08:33 am (UTC)
lol, you can't shoo the birds away here - i swear, half the things we get are scary :D

pigeons and seagulls are cool :D