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23 April 2009 @ 10:55 pm
RANDOM FIC at Mimzy's request  
Title: No Time for Nubbins
fandom: Cross over - SG1/Sanctuary
characters: Ashley, Henry, Sam, Rodney, Helen
Rated: PG
Summary: Sam and Rodney sneak into the Sanctuary to study the mysterious Nubbins.


No Time for Nubbins


“I really don't think that we should be playing with these...” Rodney scooted away from one of the adorable fur-balls, presently gnawing its way through the cage bars.


Carter was beside him, tapping the screen of her electric tablet. She was monitoring their behaviour for her report. The SGC was convinced that these little critters were escaped aliens from an Atlantian research shuttle that had crash-landed centuries ago. Their camouflage ability could prove a useful weapon against Ba'al and his ever encroaching threat – world domination, universal destruction (whatever he liked to call it).


“They're just cute, innocent creatures – now would you relax please and help me take these readings?”


Rodney sighed. “I cannot believe O'Neill made me come with you. This place,” he flicked his torch around at the dark room adorned with Gothic artworks, “gives me the creeps.”


“As long as we keep quiet,” Carter whispered back, “the owners will never know that we've been here.”


“There is no way that I am picking that thing up.”


Listen,” Carter hissed at Mckay, “if you don't open that cage and attach this monitor to one of those Nubbins, then I will personally see to it that Russia becomes your post for the remainder of the year.”


You can't do that...” Rodney replied shakily, his hands well clear of the bars and the Nubbin. He could hear its sharp teeth grinding at the metal, wearing the bars thin. “Can you?”


Do you really want to find out?” she eyed him darkly.


Rodney had to admit, he didn't want to discover the true depth of Carter's re-assignment abilities. He also didn't want to get bitten by an alien fuzzball.


All right,” he begrudgingly agreed. “But not the one chewing the bars.”


Whatever,” Carter rolled her eyes, as Rodney broke the electronic lock. It fizzled and sparked, snapping across Rodney's skin.


He yelped in an un-manly way, and again when Carter whacked him across the back of the head.


Quiet!” she shushed. “Do you want to wake the whole -”


It hurt,” he shook his hand vigorously, not noticing that Carter's eyes had shifted to someone looming behind Mckay. “Fine, fine,” he muttered darkly, taking Carter's silence as impatience. “I'm doing it already.” He lifted the cage lid and tentatively reached in toward the seething mass of Nubbins.


Rodney...” Carter said softly, trying to catch his attention.


Come here you little...” he brushed his fingers over the sea of fur – some of it invisible. Like mice, they scattered through his fingers, nearly impossible to catch. It didn't help that Sam kept whispering his name every few seconds, more persistently each time. “I reckon these are Furlings he grinned. I mean, they fit the description – though, hmm...” he frowned, unable to see a Nubbin building complex technologies with its sharp teeth. “Maybe they were just Furling pets.”


Rodney!” she said again, both of her hands noticeably raised from the table.


Gotcha!” he declared gleefully, extracting the struggling Nubbin from the mass. “Not so cute now, are you? All those sharp teeth and – yiuck... that's quite a – why are you looking at me like that?” Rodney suddenly noticed Sam flicking her eyes between him and something directly behind him.


The lights flicked on, all of a sudden bringing their 'secret reconnaissance' mission into glaring brightness.


Put – the – Nubbin – down...”


Ashely's scowl was accompanied by the 'click' of her pistol.


Rodney, Nubbin in hand, turned very slowly to see a cranky blonde woman standing by the door holding a gun.


“This was not my idea,” he insisted, as Ashley took a menacing step closer.


I don't know who you are,” said Ashley, “or what you're doing in my basement, but if you don't return my property I assure you that this room will be the last thing you see.”


Any bright ideas?” Rodney hissed to Carter.


No...” she replied, “but I've thought of another problem.”


Fantastic. You're very helpful. What's our next problem?”


Carter looked anxiously at the empty cage. “All the Nubbins are gone.”


Ashley frowned, lowering her gun in horror. “Crap...” she muttered darkly.


Oh...” said Henry, when he arrived on the scene, “that is baaaad. Invisible Nubbins loose in the basement, not something I want to be a part of and – who are they?” he pointed at the pair Ashley had tied up in the corner.


They won't say,” replied Ashley, tossing Henry as spare cage and net. He caught them awkwardly.


Rodney and Sam squirmed against each other but they were duct-taped together tightly and unable to speak.


Don't you think that we should get your mum?” suggested Henry, catching sight of a few barely visible Nubbins hopping around the room. “I mean, there are a lot of these little creatures and you remember what happened last time...”


The room is sealed,” said Ashley. “We can handle this. If we don't, mum will kill us in the most long, and drawn out manner she can think of.”


No, you will be dead,” he corrected. “Your security shift. Not my problem.”


Henry...” she glared at him. That was enough to convince him.


The two of them set to work trapping Nubbins, mostly with little success. Meanwhile, Rodney spent his time trying to convince one of the escaped Nubbins to chew through his restraints. The Nubbin was far from convinced by the strange human's request, but eventually began to nibble through the ductape in search of the powerbar in Rodney's pocket.


I got four...” Henry held up his cage. The Nubbins were, of course, invisible, but Ashley was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as she'd only managed to nick three.


We're going to be here all night,” she sighed, startling a Nubbin in the corner. With a quick swipe of her net, she captured it and stowed it safely in the cage. “Now we're four a piece,” she announced.


Rodney felt the tape binding his hands snap free. Gleefully, he nudged Carter with his elbow until she glared and looked down at his hands. He wiggled them, demonstrating their 'freeness'. She rolled her eyes. Their captors were currently occupied in separate corners of the room, so he to took a the chance to withdraw a pocket knife from Sam's back pocket. He set to work cutting through her restraints and soon they were both free. That didn't help them much. They were still locked in a scary basement with two people – once of which sported a gun and bad temper.


Now what?” Rodney whispered, shooing his 'helper Nubbin' away without so much as a whiff of the promised powerbar. Sam simply grinned wickedly.


Something was different about the room... Ashley didn't know what, but there was definitely something wrong. Bagging another Nubbin, she turned back to the room.


Aww... shoot,” she growled. Their guests had vanished and the 'locked' door to the rest of the house had been left ajar. “HENRY!” yelled Ashley, startling the man hunting Nubbins under the table. He startled, hitting his head sharply on the wood and then yelped as his captured Nubbin bit into his hand.


Ow and what?”


Did you lock the door like I told you?”


Henry frowned. “Uh...” he said sleepily. It was just after two in the morning and the initial excitement had worn off leaving only a strong urge to curl up in a corner and sleep.


Ashley took that as a 'no'.


We are SO DEAD,” she let her head slip back in defeat.


How long do you think we have before your mum finds out?” said Henry, figuring that there were still half a dozen Nubbins on the loose.


None,” she replied, as Helen Magnus appeared in the door, arms folded crossly over her chest.


The last Nubbin scurried past, scooting over Helen's feet as it made it's way into the freedom of the house.

huskerslaurahuskerslaura on April 24th, 2009 11:06 pm (UTC)
*tackle hugs ellymelly*