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29 August 2006 @ 03:55 pm
Yes you heard me, I'm being STALKED 

I was walking to the office from uni the other day and happened to pass by a bookshop. (if you know me, then you KNOW that i just couldn't help but sneak a peak at all the books i can't afford on display in the front window)

However, today there weren't only books on display... There was a SCARY JESUS ACTION FIGURE!

(and i'm talking 'like star wars - but not...') it was just WEIRD! it had it hands outstretched as if in search of a light saber! lmao 

This is the conversation that followed with a friend of mine: 

me: I just say a jesus action figure toy! lmao
cat: lmfao - was it a 'buddy jesus'?
me: It was more like omg star wars action figure but not-
cat: haha that's so funny! lmao you should gt one so we can ritualistically destroy it :P
me: Bad cat! You're going to go to hell! *pause* hahahaha!
cat: muahahahaha *devil horns*

ok so that's fine, i can handle the weirdness of that.

but seriously, that afternoon on the radio we're driving home and we have the radio tuned to a vaguly normal station.
They're talking about some barbie exhibition over in the states and how barbie (not the doll - the people who own the doll) are going to sue - blah blah blah. The conversation deterioates into some disturbing images as one of the guys describes how he shaved his sister's barbie and turned it into xena's slut (ok - so i'm traumatised already)


he's like, "oh yeah, and i used to construct threesomes with Barbie, GI-Jane and that Dr. Who figurine. Don't ask me how it worked - but i made them all do it. It involved much persistance and a cigarette lighter."

Like GIVE ME A FRAKKING BREAK - i'm going to go into therapy now. :D lol

Feeling...: really REALLY disturbed
Background Noise: NOISE
pennyfelinepennyfeline on August 29th, 2006 05:25 am (UTC)
*haha* Hey, a friend of mine and I used to sex change Barbies.

So what are people going to do with a Jesus action figure? Except for ritualistically destroying it, that is?
ellymelly: let's talkellymelly on August 29th, 2006 06:00 am (UTC)
sex change? ! omg lmao poor barbies -

one of my friends used barbies in an art project - she literally hacked away at it and stuck it on a canvas lmao

as to a Jesus action figure? lol i just wanted to put a light saber in on hand and a large post-it note saying, "USE THE FORCE" :D

...my friend wanted to put it in a microwaver with the barbie threesome!