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16 February 2009 @ 12:28 pm
Nikola Tesla  
This is for Miss Pookamonga . She has a slight obsession with Nikola Tesla so I promised I'd upload my major work on him. Basically it's like a summary of his life so if anyone else is interested they can use this as a bit of research for the character.

Download: http://h1.ripway.com/ellymelly/NEONFRUITSFOR.doc


Nothing can remain forever, not even the great mysteries of science herself. She will be discovered, explained and examined; the only thing allowed to remain is her beauty. Still, after so long, I can be taken off guard by the complexity of a stream, or blinded by the power of a lightening strike, a night sky leaves me breathless, a simple law – awed. It is these things that set the heart of a scientist beating, it is why mine still continues to beat.


When all of man has left this land and it floats lifeless through space, science and her laws will still remain and hope, yes hope, will live on.


Perhaps then I have something, or at least, had something. Darkness approaches, man’s last journey and I am just at the beginning. I can not reason it, describe it, explain it or even see anything beyond what I allow myself to believe.


It is now dusk, the twilight of another’s dawn, so open the curtains and let it come.